My little obsession....

I have had a little obsession as of late. 

  I have been watching this National Geographic show lately about living off the grid (Life Below Zero) and have been feeling the urge to purge...get rid of OFF THE GRID! 

 The thought of very little IRL interaction with the outside world appeals to me. (I know that statement will be shocking to a lot of you considering I am such a party thrower....) 

I love the idea of finding every day resources to live and hunting for our own food makes me smile.  Call me crazy I know! Is this understandable to anyone?  

 Social media, TV, THINGS are all cluttering my life, my mind, my soul....I am the only one who wants turn in their designer handbags, Tiffany jewelry and a plethora of kitchen gadgets for their own chickens for eggs, a huge sustainable garden, solar panels on my roof, a barrel to catch the rainwater, using all natural cleaning supplies, go to sleep when my body tells me to and wake up when it does also?  Is anyone out there picking up what I am laying down?  

The world as I knew it, growing up, is so different and to be honest a little overwhelming and depressing most days.  The nightly news just seems to be filled with horrible accidents, killings, killer storms and what unique name a celebrity can name their newest blessing. 

I LONG for a simple life...

Sigh....the hubby could not live without his big screen,  so for now it's all just an obsession fantasy of mine. 

I am starting to find Homesteading blogs to read and would love if you have a favorite you can share with me!

Enjoy the day y'all and be blessed! 


Lindsey said…
Yes, yes, yes! Definitely understandable. Although my husband thinks I wouldn't make it without internet... lol (I think we'd be too busy for internet.)

I haven't seen that show, gonna have to check it out!
SO with you. Have you seen Heartland Table in Food Network?
Melissa N. said…
So glad I am not alone! No LaDolce Vita, I have not seen that..I must check it out!
Jamie said…
Mama M~ Miss u all.THis has been happening here already.We shut the home phone off and went strait to cell only and the computer well although we want it gone we need it for bills and I sell things on here and SCHOOLING.We did get rid of the cable for a few weeks and then I caved bc of football.:) We just don't turn it on just bc we are on the room.We grew a bigger garden and still have our hens for our eggs. I did do the biggest cleaning out everything this year.I tossed a lot of trash,and the rest is getting priced for a school sale(we can use this money to pay off debt.we are determined to get out of debt.STaying home more.More family time and less chaos. Start small that is where it starts. The kids rooms are full of items and clothing they don't need OH me too.I splurged on my closet.
Lisa said…
You are speaking my language! And my husband is watching the same big screen as yours. A while back, my friend sent me a few blogs about purging and simplifying. I applied some of what I read and got rid of a bunch of unnecessary clutter. It felt SO GOOD!!! I haven't felt the urge lately, but know I have plenty more to do. We are just about maxed out in our house. Keep dreaming, and maybe one day, the only modern piece of technology within reach will be your computer so you can tell us all about it!

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