Collage Friday and a Giveaway

Welcome to another wrap up - Collage Friday!  Sharing over at Homegrown Learners!  I will admit I have not been taking so many pictures this week.  Zachary has a slight cough and I am keeping him quiet until the weekend (our big Halloween party and we have two families staying with us - dont want to get other kids sick!)  

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But first - did you all see that I have a wonderful giveaway going on?  Have you heard of Splashmath?  If you haven't, you need to!  I am so impressed with what Zachary has been doing so far!  There are a few more days to enter - so click HERE!- EASY Entries! (low entries so far!)

What's happening in school this week......

We have taken it easy this week in light of all the housecleaning, prep work, shopping, and all the fun Halloween activities that I have found for the kids to do!

Zachary has been building and discovering how things work this week with LEGO Technic Idea Book - Simple Machines.   He has always built these on his own but finally decided to check out this book he received for his birthday (in July!).

He has been working away at the units and the girls have been having fun learning all about pumpkins this week. 

Last weekend my mother and went into NYC to do a little Christmas shopping.  We always have a great time. The weather was PERFECT! 

We are preparing for our first house guests today - coming all the way from the Orlando area for the party!  Tomorrow more guests arrive from a few hours North. It's going to be wall to wall people in our home (and I love it!).   Our guest count is up to 114 for our Halloween Party (hip hip hooray) and they are predicting nice cool weather!  Rest assured two bonfires will be a blazing!  

Did you get a chance to check out my new Tuesday series - Travel Tip Tuesday?  If you are thinking of visiting the NYC area soon you might want to!

We watching for plenty more giveaways coming up soon! 

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed week!  


Mary Prather said…
I've not seen the LEGO Technic Idea book -- does Zachary like it???

Have an AWESOME party, Melissa -- we're having a fall party at our house this weekend, too -- aren't you proud of me??? :-)
Rebecca said…
Good luck with the Halloween party! I Laughed about the book. It always amazes me how often there's a lag between when I provide my kids with something useful and when they decide it's useful too
Jessy said…
Christmas shopping?! Noooo! I'm not ready! LOL Wow - you must throw an awesome party! It'll be fun to see how it turns out!
Mary said…
We love the Splash Math app!

I can't wait to see your party pictures :)
Dawn said…
A 114 people! What a party you are going to have. I hope it is better than you imagine.
Blessings, Dawn
Karen said…
Oh my gosh I can not wait to see pictures of your party!!! WOW!! We used to [years ago Pre Keilee] have a Scavenger Hunt with over 100 people invited. It was a blast. The picture of shopping in NYC looks like such a blast too. I would LOVE to be close enough for that.

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