Collage Friday - It's Fall Y'all

I am giddy with the leaves changing...the temperatures lowering...the Uggs making their season debut on my games....bonfires...oh can you just sense the joy in my typing!  I am a fall girl through and through. 

This past weekend we had our annual apple picking outing.  Bad news is that our good friends who usually go with us, moved in April to Orlando 8(    Good news is that my SIL and BIL, their children, Bubby and other friends joined us!  The children always love to spend time with their cousins!  It was a fun day - warmer than I expected.   

We started back to school FINALLY to our full time schedule on Monday - Momma is happy!  We have one last trip planned for this weekend with our camper and then we are storing it for the season. 

What's up in school.....

One of our big changes this year is that Zachary (being 4th grade and will be taking the required NYS testing this year) is working independent of the girls. He requires more "quiet" time and concentration.   We have started our American History studies that will bring us through until August of 2014. I am excited for it as an adult, as I was not a HUGE history buff in school. 

Of course apples seem to be the snack of choice this week.  I just HAD to get out our Pampered Chef apple corer/slicer. The kids always love to "work" it and eat every bit of the apple except the core. 

Molly and Sammie have been studying apples this week. We started two chapter books - Mercy Watson - FUN FUN book - short chapters.  Our nighttime reading is  Kylie Jean - HOOP Queen .   Scholastic are ALWAYS a hit with the children. 

Apple stamping was a fun craft we did again this year. I don't think the girls ever tire of crafting. LOL

This weekend....
I counted that the children and I have been to 11 states in the last 4 weeks!  A lot of traveling and learning on the road going on! 

I have been busy getting the camper ready for our last trip (boo who) and meeting our BFF's up at Jellystone for one last HURRAH.  It's a Halloween theme and the children can Trick or Treat Saturday night with a Halloween Dance to end the night.    

Why don't you come join me and others over at Homegrown Learners for some Collage Friday! 

I pray everyone has a safe and happy week!  


Jessy said…
How do you plan on using America: The Story of Us? I have them pulled out for my kids. We were doing NROC U.S. History but it's not engaging. Gotta love an apple/peeler/corer! We're borrowing one and it's fun, fun for the kids! (And saves me from doing it by hand!)
Melissa N. said…
Jessy - right now I have had him watch the Rebel (part 1 of the 1st disk) then we will use that to reference. I have made up my own curriculum really. Using a ton of different resources...
Chris said…
Great post!
Enjoy your trip to Jellystone! We're big campers tgoo, but we tent camp. Many times I'd like to have a camper! But honestly, I don;t know how you pull it through some rough terrain! I give you credit.

Lookin g fwd to NEXT week's collage Fri for weekend pics, Melissa!

I have that Story of Us DVD and have never watched it! yikes. THANK YOU for the reminder. It's been collecting dust for years. I've heard it's really good.

God bless!
My first time here... enjoyed seeing all those apples, crafts and books about them. Have fun traveling.
Rebecca said…
It looks like a great week! I love this time of the year. We actually spent today at an apple orchard ourselves :-) Have a good weekend!!
Phyllis said…
I love all your apple picking and fixing. I love apples. Looks like a fun week at your house.
Dawn said…
"11 states in 4 weeks"! You guys are sure getting around. What a fun adventure.
Blessings, Dawn
Christy said…
You are such busy travelers. I hope you enjoy your last camper trip of the season.

The apples look yummy, and thanks for reminding me about the apple corer, slicer, peeler. I've one sitting in the cabinets somewhere. Lately I just wash and eat :)

I hope this school year goes well for you all.
Mary said…
American History is my favorite history to teach! We use The Story of Us too - it is fabulously well done.

Great week, Melissa!
seo gaurav said…
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seo gaurav said…
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