Travel Tip Tuesday - Walkway over the Hudson

It's another fun filled Travel Tip Tuesday here at the Joys of Home Educating.  

Today we are venturing out to the Walkway over the Hudson.  The Walkway over the Hudson is a State Historic Park linear walkway spanning the Hudson river at 212 feet tall and 1.28 miles long. IT IS the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the WORLD! 

 The idea was conceived out of the idea of turning an old abandoned railroad bridge into a pedestrian park.  The park opened on October 3, 2009.  We have been here a few times and each time the view and the fun do not disappoint!  

I love how the children can LEARN all about how the walkway was built and the history of the area. 

Being over a mile (with no rest rooms in between) - we usually only go half way, picnic, and then walk back to the parking lot. 

Zachary is usually the oldest kid who is there with our group of friends so he is the "teacher" for the visit. 

Aren't these views looking down the Hudson River just fabulous!

If we get lucky, the children get to see (and hear) a train chug on by us down by the river banks. This is always a welcomed treat!

Different ways that the walkway is used:

Bike riding, bird watching, dog walking, jogging, in line staking, picnicking, walking, enjoying the views (no skateboards allowed)

The park opens at 7 am each day (weather permitting) and closes at sunset.  There is no admission fee, however, if you use their parking lots there are meters. 

TRAVEL TIP:  If you don't wait to pay the meter to park there is some side street parking. You can also bring all the food and drinks you can hold - no restrictions! 

If you are ever in the Hudson Valley area this is a treat not to be missed!  After all it is the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the WORLD!

Until next time - travel safe and be blessed!

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Anonymous said…
What a fun bridge!! I would love to walk on that! Looks like so much fun!
Jamie said…
hey there Mama M~ ,thanks for the card.It really does mean a lot to receive something out of the blue. We are all doing great, Toby is now 1 and Zachary is 13.Keeping busy chasing the little one.
Love you guys
Kelli Becton said…
Looks like a great time! love it

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