Alpha-Phonics Review

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It's hard not to compare children sometimes, don't you think

 Some start walking earlier than others. Some seem to grasp all the Math concepts at an early age.  When it comes to reading, our son started real early. Before the age of 5 he was reading LEGO catalogs. He wanted to know what each LEGO Set was called, how many pieces were in it and if it was age appropriate for him.  This excited him!  He learned to read, basically, on his own. 

 When it came to our middle child, she was not so enthusiastic about reading (art is more her thing).  We were getting frustrated with her not "grasping" it like her brother did. She was getting frustrated as well.   I found myself comparing them, which is wrong.  I found myself questioning my ability to teach her, which is wrong.   

 One day it all seemed to click.  We were working with the Alpha-Phonics curriculum and she seemed to pick it all up. She was reading!  She was so happy she started going through all the level 1 books in our house and reading all she could. It just seemed to click for her after using Alpha-Phonics.  We not use the CD Rom as much as we did the text books and companion reader. 

We used the curriculum every day for 2 weeks.   Just about 10 minutes per day up until she read the entire Little Companion Reader. 

 Pros:  Easy to use CD Rom (although we did not use it every day) and workbooks. Simple instructions.  Short lessons. Great resource tools for teaching. 

Cons:  The only real con was the calligraphy "font" that is used.  The "a" and "g" were not the typical writing style that you teach your children and this confused her slightly. 

Her she is reading the book so proudly!  Gives me tears still! 

Thanks Alpha-Phonics for your great products!

You can learn more about Alpha-Phonics at their website HERE.

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Be Blessed and Read on!


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