Collage Friday - catching up

It's been a real busy and crazy few weeks. I did not even get a chance to link up last week. I was down for the count with the stomach flu.  It was horrible and I never want to relive in again!

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In addition to trying to keep it all together in the household, a friend of ours received life changing news on Friday. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin s Lymphoma.  It's not a death sentence but it is surely a battle.  The remission rate is excellent for Hodgkin's but the chemotherapy is tough.  Speaking from experience (as a child) I know what she is in for.  I have had the opportunity to sit and speak with her for hours in their home with regards to so many things that are ahead of her.   sigh....prayers will help!  

Ok on to what is happening...

Our Fall soccer season came to an end last weekend.  All the children received their trophies with pride. 

Any chance there is nice weather, warmer than 40 degrees we are outside!  Girls love riding their bikes and living on a dead end road is perfect!

We found SO many wasp nests around, abandoned and most likely ransacked by another animal. 

Molly was in a picture mood and wanted me to take some of her in the play yard. I think the one in the upper right is she could be in a horror flick or something. right?

Snap Circuits were "new again"...I try to put some things away from time to time and bring them out when I need a little break from teaching. They played with these for HOURS!

Here is a nest that we took down from one of our trees close to home. We opened it up and found dead wasps. We could not believe how strong this comb was inside and how much work these insects accomplish together!  

In case you missed this awesome Yarn Turkey craft you can still make it in time to adorn your Thanksgiving table. Over at Make it Monday!

The moon has been so beautiful this week.  We were able to finally find a box (hard this year) to donate our toys for the Toys for Tots program.  All three children are continuing with their gym classes during the week. 

Molly's Daisy induction ceremony was last night. She is loving the troop. Her "leader" is a friend of ours and is doing a great job with the girls. 

What else is going on....

We have been easing into eating 90% organically and more real foods.  Feeling SO much better! So surprised how much energy was sucked away with processed food and sugars.   Eating smaller portions, making better choices is our new family way! 

We also have been on a path of "unsubscribing" as a household.  Getting rid of 2 out of the 3 cable boxes in the house.  Unsubscribing to dozens of "daily deal sites" ....spending (on average) $ 1500 less a month on "stuff".  We are trying hard to lessen our carbon footprint and do more with less.  We are finding blessings at every turn.  

I have been approached by someone in our church with regards to being nominated for a Deacon in our church.  I really don't feel I can take on something else at this time but it was such an honor to be considered. 

What's coming up.....

I am so excited that we are only weeks away from My Favorite Things Week!   More to come.....

Linking up today with Mary over at Homegrown Learners for her Collage Friday

Have a happy, safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Until next week - be blessed!


Mary Prather said…
Melissa ~ I am glad the stomach flu is GONE from your house.

Fall looks beautiful in NY - Grant and I were marveling over the wasp nest in the tree.

I'm also praying for your friend. She is blessed to have a strong prayer warrior and friend in you.

Hugs to you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Rebecca said…
I'll be praying for your friend. I love your yarn turkeys, and so does Rose :-) I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
Rebecca said…
I'll be praying for your friend. I love your yarn turkeys, and so does Rose :-) I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
Hope Jackson said…
Your friend will be in our prayers, too. I can only imagine how thankful she is to have you to lean on.

The yucky sinus/ear infection gunk has hit our house -- I'll take that over the stomach flu any day! So glad you are better.

I loved looking at all your pictures - the one of your daughter peering through made me laugh! She is a cutie.

My boys would've gone nuts over the huge nest you were able to explore. Fun!

Have a great Thanksgiving! - and what a cute yarn turkey, too!

Dawn said…
What a full week. We will be praying for your friend. I haven't seem many toys for tots boxes either ~ hmm. What a blessing to teach children to focus their hearts on charity.
Blessings, Dawn
Karen said…
What a great week Melissa. I am sorry about the stomach flu. I didn't post last week either because of just being swamped! I am so sorry to hear about your friend and will pray for her. I know you are such a blessing to her. Love the wasp's nests. those are so cool. And I agree, that picture does look like a horror movie still. :) Happy Sunday and Happy Thanksgiving to your family.
Mary said…
I am sorry to hear about your friend, Melissa. :(

Wow- $1500 less a month is impressive! Good for you!
Cute yarn turkey!
And stomach flu? Ick. 'Nuff said. Hope you are 100% better and no one else got it!

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