Collage Friday

Welcome to another ending of another week here at The Joys of Home Educating.  It's Friday which means it's the day I am linking up over at Homegrown Learners for Mary's link up party - Collage Friday!  Won't you join  me!

We are busy on Thanksgiving teachings this week.  Taking the days slow and being thankful for the space we are in at the moment!

Lots of crafts around the holidays keeping little hands and minds busy!

I can't say enough about Kiwi Crate. If you are looking for a holiday present for a young child, you really care about, then Kiwi Crate is it! 

 We learned about Modern Art this week with an entire day dedicated to it. We had a blast! (see the link on the right side of my blog to check out Kiwi Crate)

The weather took a little turn this week with more Wii Sports was dusted off and competition began!

More Modern Art!

On the home front: 

I have been cleaning, purging and selling off toys that are no longer loved in the house. Making room for a few new things at Christmas.  I am working on my regular menu planning to keep our food budget in order and taking time to BE IN THE MOMENT with the kids and hubby

On a different note:  I am excited to share with you my 1st ever magazine photo shoot and spread.  I am a regular contributor now to Polka Dot Balloon Magazine!  SQUEAL!  If you have not seen it, you should. FREE to view on line HERE.  (If you are not aware, I have another blog called My Party Passion where I blog about throwing fabulous parties on a budget!)

I created the Woodland Thanksgiving and love how it all turned out!  

D and P Celebrations (founders of the magazine) are having a great giveaway and you should enter. Very easy!  I ton of fun stuff for Thanksgiving and your family!  Go HERE to enter! 

I pray your weekend and week is filled with love, laughter and some needed sleep!  

You need to check in with the blog on Monday for a FABULOUS Giveaway you wont want to miss!


Rebecca said…
Yay on the magazine! I also love all the art and Thanksgiving stuff this week. Two of my favorite subjects :-)
Congratulations, Melissa! That is so exciting!
I know what you mean about the rain. My two have got into skipping big time this week. Who'd have thought you could get so much fun and exercise out of a bit of cord? (Of course I invested a few £ in one with a picture of a boxer on the packet for my boy ;-)
Love the idea of a modern art day. So nice sometimes not to squeeze art in around the edges!
Happy weekend!
So many fun things this week! I wish Grant was there to play Wii with Z. I KNOW our boys would get along well!
Karen said…
We used to have that Science Reader. I finally got rid of it this year. I hate parting with books!! Love all the art you do and Modern Art is one of our favs. I need to do some purging around here. I try but I still have tons of things I don't need! Happy weekend friend!!
Christy said…
You had such a fun week. I love that you dedicated a whole day to Modern art. Have a great weekend,
Jessy said…
I am the Wii bowling champion here! LOL And last place in the others! LOL Good times on wet or snowy days!

Mary said…
Oooh- a whole day of art! Noodle would love that.

Very cool on the magazine!

Wii PE - love it.

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