Make It Monday: Thanksgiving Craft: Ball of Yarn Turkey

Thanksgiving Craft: Ball of Yarn Turkey

This fun turkey craft will allow kids to express their thanks for many things we all
take for granted, and learn some scriptures verses while having fun!

Material Needed (for each turkey):
One 9-inch polystyrene ball (available at craft shops)
Dark brown yarn—lots!
One 4-inch polystyrene ball
Light brown yarn—lots!
White felt, black felt, yellow felt, red felt.
Bond paper in different colors
Elmer’s Glue
Disposable paint brushes
Tooth picks blunt on one end
Steak knife

It will save time to cut out the leaves for the kids. Cut enough so that each child can have 15 to 20.  It will also save time to cut out the eyes, beaks and gobblers.

Sometimes we all get caught up in thanking God for the big things that happen in our lives. But our lives are basically made up of many small things - things we often don’t recognize as little gifts from God. Making this crazy turkey will help us remember some and learn some scriptures too.

1. Using the steak knife, cut a one inch sliver off the bottom of the larger ball.

2. Using the paint brushes, brush on some stripes of Elmer’s glue so that the yarn will

stick. Try to keep fingers out of it.

3. Wrap the ball in dark brown yarn.

4. Use a bit more glue to stick the end piece of the yarn to the ball.

5. On 12 to 15 feathers, write words that say what you are thankful for.

6. Repeat using the smaller ball and the lighter colored yarn.

7. Stick the head on the body using toothpicks.

8. Glue on eyes, beaks and gobblers.

9. On the last three, write the following abbreviated scripture verses:
          a. Psalm 50:14
          Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving...

          b. Psalm 69:30
          I will...magnify Him with thanksgiving.

          c. Psalm 92:1
          It is good to give thanks to the Lord...

10. Glue the feathers to the tooth picks

11. Stick each feather into the ball of yarn by piercing it with the toothpick.

This colorful turkey can be used as a centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table, or can be placed in a prominent place in the dining room.

Everyone will admire your vast array of thanks on the holiday and remember to be thankful themselves!

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This is so cute! I've seen it on Pinterest and it's on my craft list. Thanks for sharing!

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