Travel Tip Tuesday - Travel Containers

Hello everyone..welcome to another blog post about travel!  It's Travel Tip Tuesday!

With the holidays fast approaching, many families take to the open road to go visiting family and friends.  This Summer we traveled by car A LOT!  I needed something to keep the busy minds busy while I drove hundreds of miles.  I did not want to rely on the DVD player or Ipads the entire time.  

What I did was make up these real cool travel containers for each child. 

Taking advantage of sale items and coupons, dollar stores and my own "stash" of goodies, I was able to fill these up in no time. I even snuck in somethings that they forgot about but were already in the playroom! 

Each child received 1 plastic container with some compartments to keep things separated. (I found these at a dollar store, they are very sturdy!)

Essential items I found were:  Tissues, sugarless gum (these are something they are always asking me for), notepads, fresh new crayons, stickers, pens, pencils, Color Wonder Markers (no mess that way) and a Color Wonder pad. 

For Zachary, I put some additional fun items:

Scrabble book from the Dollar Tree, a new LEGO Chima Notebook to keep track of things we saw, some National Geographic Geography books and fun Mad Libs on the Road. 

What I loved about these containers is that when we stopped for a bathroom break or to strech our legs, "stuff" was not all over the truck..but tucked nicely in their containers. When we arrived at our destination it was easy to pick these travel containers up by their handles and bring inside!  

We now use them to bring to the gym or doctors appointments - all they need to keep them busy and learning for a short amount of time, is in there! 

I replaced a few items and put in some granola bars!  

I don't allow the children to take items out of these containers for play in the house. I have them tucked away in the closet and bring them out when we are ready for a road trip. It seems "whats old is new again" each time!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time - Be Blessed!


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