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This is a special edition of Collage Friday.  

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Last Saturday night was a really challenging and sad time in our home. My cat, Job (long O sound, like in the Bible) passed away. He was my cat and our family cat for 16 years. I adopted him from the Humane Society when he was 6 months old.  He has lived in many places with me and been my side through a lot of hard times. He was always loyal (to me).  He loved to lay on the deck in the sun and soak in the rays.  I will miss him.  

Large shot of him on the Thomas blanket was during the day on Saturday.  Last Christmas and then when he was befriending a woodchuck a few years ago.

I sat with him the better part of the day on Saturday.  As the children's bedtime approached we noticed his breathing was very shallow and not too often.  I told my husband it was time to let the children say their good-byes.  Within 10 mins of that time he was gone.  We were all with him when he took his last breath.  Seeing my pet of 16 years die before me was hard, but seeing my children so sad was harder.  My heart breaks for them.   It's not the same in the house without him, that is for sure. 

During the day Saturday, when I knew it was THE day, my husband dug a grave under our magnolia tree and made a wooden box with a lid for Job.  In the morning on Sunday, we buried him (Thomas blanket and all) and had a little ceremony. 

The children, Bubby, Eric and I made this cross over the grave.  When the children asked me if Job was in heaven, I really was not sure what to say.  I don't believe that animals are in heaven, but I told the children that I was not really sure and we would find out someday when we get there. 

On a lighter note....other things going on....Christmas fun stuff in pageant rehearsals...helping out a friend in need....getting together with family for early Christmas celebrations.

Every year the Sunday after Thanksgiving my cousin's family and my family get together to celebrate Christmas with the cousins.  Molly is missing from this picture as she stayed home with daddy due to illness...

Thanksgiving weekend from past years...same kids....

Here are the same group of children only years have they grown up!

Love our family!

Here are some of the seasonal books we have been reading this week....

We are continuing our efforts to live simpler and purging toys and STUFF!  It feels good!  Eating healthier with 90% organic foods, whole foods and real foods.  I feel physically so much better! 

I am so excited to remind you that starting next week all week for 7 days in a row is My Favorite Things!  I am sharing and you wont want to miss it!  With a HUGE Giveaway to follow!  

As we prepare today for our BFF's arriving tomorrow morning to celebrate Thanksmas, I wanted to leave you with a link to this post over at my friend Laura's blog.. Eye Candy Event Details. I was guest posting over there and really think it's worth your time to read it tonight...won't take but a minute.  

Thanks and be blessed.


Dawn said…
I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that you were able to be with him until the end. Our prayers go out to you.
Blessings, Dawn
Mary Prather said…
Melissa ~ I am SO sorry to hear about Job. I can only imagine how hard that was for you, and the hole that is in your family now.

As usual, the rest of your week looks fun and creative - just like you! Hugs!
Rebecca said…
I'm sorry about Job. It's hard to bury our furry family members :-(

I also loved the pictures of the children. It's amazing to see how much children change over the course of just a few years.
Ticia said…
I'm so sorry about your cat. I know it can be hard losing a pet you've loved a lot.

It always fun to see how much kids have grown over the years.
Anonymous said…
oh Melissa I am so sorry to hear about your sweet little kitty Job! I am glad you guys were able to be there with him when he passed away. It is sooo tough to explain that to kids all the while mourning yourself!
It's always sad to lose a pet but 16 years of loving him must have made it extra hard. My mum had just lost her 4 year old cat to an aggressive heart cancer and she is inconsolable.
Praying that Christmas remains a happy time for you all.
Phyllis said…
I know how you feel. Our beloved cat died on Christmas morning several years ago. I didn't even tell the children until the next day, and because of the excitement of Christmas, they didn't notice that he was not around until the next day. {hugs}

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