My Favorite Things - Day 7

Day 7 

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You might remember last month when I reviewed this curriculum. Our daughter, Molly, was a slow-to-learn reader and when we started using Alpha-Phonics you would not believe the transition from frustrated reader and happy reader!  I so promote and stand behind Alpha-Phonics!

Specializing in: Phonics, Reading using phonics, Cursive Handwriting,
Arithmetic, Spelling and Grammar.

Here is some background on Alpha-Phonics in their own words...

We offer the basics for homeschool instruction and assistance to public school students from beginning instruction through approximately the 7th. grade; through high school in math and grammar. 

You need to home educate your children in order to benefit from Alpha-Phonics. It can give extra help to those reluctant readers also.

I encourage you to go back and read my review of Alpha-Phonics. You can find that post HERE. 

Today's Secret Letter: N

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