Collage Friday; In the home strech!

Welcome to another end of another week here at The Joys of Home Educating and Collage Friday at Homegrown Learners.  It seems that so much is going on around here. It was definitely a wintry and cold week here in southern New York.

Snowmen, snowmen cakes and snowmen LEGOS - all frosty and fun! 

We read a lot about snow, snowflakes and Zachary finished up his unit on Benjamin Franklin. 

The girls make some penguin pictures with our "snow" and Sammie just loves anything she can dob! lol

At the library this week:  what a great program on Electricity!  You can see the back of Zachary and his best friend listening intently.  Not surprising, those two had their hand up to answer every question asked of the kid crowd. (know it

We discovered what worked best to push our "snowflakes" to the cups. (toilet paper and paper towels rolls did not work well as it dispersed the "wind" and the balls never moved, but straws worked great!)  We also did a little experiment on Polymers.  You should try it.  Filling a Ziploc baggie up with water and poking a sharpened pencil right through it. Watch what happens! 

The girls and I learned a lot about Habitats.  Loving our Magic School Bus videos. 

Next week I have will have a fun giveaway for you - be sure to stop back on Monday to see what it is! 

We are in the home stretch of our No Spending January Challenge.  How are you doing? Have you fallen off the wagon?  If so, where did you spend? How did it make you feel?   

As some of us struggle this last week, remember there are methods to the madness!    If you are still on track, HUZZAH!  If you are back on track, even better!   Our family has had a few slips with a pizza and some wine, but overall I am so proud of what is happening over here at our home and in our hearts.   

I will be challenging you next month as well in a different area!  Be watching! 

I leave you today with these words from the author, Jen Hatmaker:

The day when I am unaware of my privileges and unmoved by my greed is the day something has to change.

Until next time - be blessed and spend less!

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Stef Layton said…
Looks like a fun week - wish you homeschooled me!!
Mary said…
As always your homeschool looks so fun! I love the Kids Discovery magazines, they are great!
Christy said…
Fun week and I think we may have to try the ziploc with water test. It just looks like fun.
Amy Matkovich said…
Looks like fun! We've been learning about snow and winter weather and animals in the cold this week too. :)
Becca said…
Excellent quote - very thought provoking!
Tonia L said…
Popping over from Collage Friday. Your week looks like so much fun! My kid would have a blast with all that science fun. The library visit looks really neat too.

Have a blessed weekend!
Rebecca said…
Looks like a ton of fun this week. Our homeschool is very winter themed right now too!
Dawn said…
You all are always having so much fun learning. I love the science you all did this week. What a great library program.
Blessings, Dawn
Kemi Quinn said…
I love that line up! Especially the cake. We spent big this past month but it was controlled and planned. We have been spending less in general and that is such a freeing feeling. Being intentional about each dollar spent. Thank you for dropping by!
Tristan said…
The Magic School Bus is great! Have you ever seen Wild Kratts? It's pretty good too, animal focused. My kids have been enjoying that one this week and spouting off all sorts of new knowledge.
Phyllis said…
All the snow study should put them in the mood for the Olympics. :) I know that we feel like we are in Russia.
Amber Hockman said…
Oh your week looks like so much FUN!!! That water bag experiment is AWESOME!!!!
Your week looks so much more engaging than a typical classroom experience, doesn't it? I love home learning for all ages! (Also a little jealous of habitat awesome library program!)

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