Collage Friday: A new year celebration

It's the start to the Chinese Lunar New Year today and we celebrated it all! It's the Year of the Horse so of course we had a horse!

This is the Chinese Dragon we made out of paper plates this week. Took two days to complete but I love it.
I was inspired by another teacher over in Italy - found her post on Pinterest. You can see her entire classroom dragon HERE.

Here is a picture  recap of our celebration complete. 

We also learned about the celebration, traditions and we even learned how to write our numbers and days of the week in Chinese! 

Other fun stuff this week....we learned about maps, all kinds of maps. Molly even made her own Treasure Map! 

We also dedicated a day to the Groundhog. Sunday is Groundhogs day and I am sure it will be lost in the entire day of Football, but we wanted to make sure we gave props to the groundhog! 

I was not the best at taking pictures as I have been under the weather this week - on antibiotics but those are reeking havoc on my system as well...sigh....

I worked on the Spring issue of Polka Dot Balloon this week. Hard to imagine spring right now with our cold and snow, but that is how magazines work!   (can you guess the theme of this party??)

Preparing for Superbowl this weekend. We have invited a few families over to watch the game with us. 

I was so happy to find out this week that our local gym, wherethe kids take their gymnastics and trampoline classes, is now offering a daytime gym class for homeschoolers!  HUZZAH!  No more night activities!  Thank God!

A few things to note:  I have two giveaways gong on right now that end soon!


Win a Pink Chevron Valentine party for 8 from my sister blog, My Party Passion

Win a beautiful set of note cards or calling cards (great for homeschoolers) from Pamela Smerker Designs - a few days left to enter HERE!  (low entries - great chance of winning!)

No spending January has come to an end today and we did great. We were not without a few weaknesses but overall great!  You can see my recap post HERE

In addition, we have a new challenge for February.
Managing Your Food Budget

We start our month long learning on Russia, olympic sports, polar bears and the Olympics on Monday.  I have been pinning like crazy if anyone is interested in some fun Olympic learning you can follow my board HERE.

I invite you to join myself and other homeschoolers as we link up over at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday!

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Anonymous said…
Looks like a great week!! I hope you feel better soon!!
Dawn said…
You always throw the loveliest parties.
Blessings, Dawn
Christy said…
The Chinese dragon is seriously cool. I need you to plan our projects. Lol. Your party designs are lovely, as usual. I may need to take a look at your February challenge. I knew we would never make the January one, but with Amber's look restrictions our grocery budget is huge. Very little goes on sale or has coupons. I need to find ways to make this cheaper.
Beth said…
Your Chinese New Year celebration looks nice.
Karen said…
Seriously your parties are always so amazing!!! I just can't believe how you have time for them and still rock the homeschooling!!! Keilee always LOVED maps. I have bought her countless map book activities over the years. And now she ROCKS at direction. We used to lay in bed when she was little and play a game. I would say "Alabama to Washington" and she would say aloud which way. i.e. West to California and north to Washington. She would beg to play it. :)
Mary said…
As always, I want to come to your homeschool. Seriously, very cool stuff!

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