Collage Friday

It's a new year and new exciting happenings here at The Joys of Home Educating.

It's Friday, which means we are sharing our week with you all over at Homegrown Learners: Collage Friday.

Just a quick note: make sure you check back in on Monday when I will be reviewing one of my new favorite Organic products we are using in our home!  A giveaway too! 

For January the girls and I are learning about Antarctica and Penguins for Geography and Science.  Zachary continues with his Physics learnings over at another homeschoolers home.  

I use our LEGO BINGO as a good "downtime" activity during our snack break.  Reading some fun winter books this month. Zachary started Bridge to Terabithia (a big switch from Moby Dick last month).

This is what our play yard looks like currently.  During those high winds storms in the beginning of the week we had a few trees fall. Not too much damage but clean up is a pain. 

I have been crafting for some Superbowl decor!  Molly and made this button tree craft - it now hangs in our art gallery. Sammie is showing us some of her favorite things (aka things she picked up out of the toy box quickly) for Show and Tell time. Molly has been crafting with her Kiwi Crates - Jellyfish Craft.

Getting back into the swing of school after being off for two weeks - hard at work! 

If you missed any of the posts about the January No Spending Challenge you can catch a recap of all the posts HERE   How are you doing?  We are in week 2 now. Keep up the good work! 

Until next time - Be Blessed and Spend Less!

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Anonymous said…
I love the button tree! Also, it really is so hard to get back into a groove when you let it slide for a few weeks. :-)
Karen said…
Sorry about the tree damage but glad it wasn't any worse!! We took a short break but Keilee likes doing things every day so it wasn't a huge change. I just love all your crafts and party ideas!!
Hodgepodgemom said…
Oh my goodness what a fun, busy week! So many great ideas - and I am browsing your winter fun list you posted today too!
Mary said…
Bummer about the storm damage :(

Looks like you had a great week back!
Anonymous said…
Melissa I changed my blog.
Christy said…
Ack! Sorry about the storm mess in your play yard. At least it wasn't worse. We used to love getting Ladybug in the mail for Amber. I think we might still have all of hers somewhere. I

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