Collage Friday

It's Friday and I will admit it was a long week.  I have a nasty head/sinus cold that is kicking my butt. I will be brief today....

But I am hear and I am ready for a productive weekend!   Won't you join me at Homegrown Learners where other homeschoolers come to link up their weeks. 

If you have not entered our Elmer's Giveaway yet there is still time. Very easy ways to get entries.  We had a lot of fun with our Elmer's Science! 

The girls received their Kiwi Crate this week and it worked out well for a momma who's head is all stuffed up and did not want to "teach" on Thursday!  Mad Science!  Girls loved it!  (Zachary takes a Physics class away from home on Thursdays and he loves it!)

We spent the better part of Tuesday morning talking and learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.  The girls are having a better understanding now about this period in time.   Reading about penguins and Antarctica still.  

This week the newest edition of Polka Dot Balloon Magazine (mini issue) debuted!  I was honored to be a part of it again!  You can go HERE to check it out digitally for FREE!  LMK what you think!

Our No Spending January is going well overall. We had 1 slip up - we bought a few bottles of wine.  I know that after the head cold goes away (on the upswing now) that I will want a glass and we had epic fail this week on the no spend. $ 10.00 for wine 8(

If you are taking this ride with us and other families, how are you doing?  We are more than 1/2 way through.  Watch for next month's challenge!  

If you are looking for ideas this weekend to keep yourself busy and mind off going out and spending...HERE is a great post for you to check out! 

Until next week - Be Blessed and Spend Less

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Dawn said…
I am glad that you are having so much success with your no spending month. The glue projects look like so much fun.
Blessings, Dawn
Karen said…
Great week. Your pictures are always so vibrant and it always look like you are all having such fun!!! YAY YAY on being in Polka Dot Balloon Mag again. I can see why. Your parties rock!!! Happy weekend Melissa!!
Mary said…
The glue stuff looks fun and I just love a good venn diagram!

Have a great no spend weekend!
Rebecca said…
I don't count 1 slip-up an epic fail :-) I think the glue sounds like fun. I'm going to head over and enter the giveaway. Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Oh Melissa, I feel for you, son,and I had that head stuff, with it a upper respiratory infection. I will pray for you in hopes it does not get worse.
Anonymous said…
Melissa, how are you feeling? I pray better.
Melissa N. said…
Thanks for stopping by everyone! I am feeling much better today (SUnday)! Ready to start a new week!
Christy said…
Congrats on being in the magazine again. I loved the table design. Hope you are feeling better by now.

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