February Challenge - Managing your Food Budget

Hello February! 

If you are here with me and others, Welcome!  Even if you didn’t participate in our No Spending January, jump right in with our February Challenge: Managing your Food Budget.

Let me first premise the challenge with saying that I am in NO way a college educated expert in the “field” of money management, debt reduction or even a CPA.  I have been at the rock bottom and I have been at the tippy top and everything in between with my finances. I have lived in the basement apartment sleeping on the air mattress and I owned my own home at the age of 19. Whatever your situation, there is always a way to improve on it.  Our family has been mostly debt free (I say mostly because we do have a mortgage and 2 vehicle payments monthly) for the past 7 years and I know that without planning we would not be able to be where we are today.

The experts say the key to managing your finances is to write it all down so you can visually see what you are dealing with.  What comes in and what goes out.  Simple math.  Make a plan and find ways to work the plan! It’s about discipline and teamwork from your family. 

So many areas of the monthly outgoing expenses are “fixed”.  The rent, mortgage, car payments, student loans, blah blah blah….One of the areas in household budget that is flexible is the food budget.

Since I don’t work outside the home (but do bring in some income – more on that later) it’s my responsibly to keep our food budget in check. Our weekly food budget is $ 120 per week. That is for a family of 5 living in a NYC Suburb and eating mostly organic.  (are jaws dropping?)  YES it’s possible. It takes planning, discipline and prayer, but it’s possible.

I can’t wait to share all my knowledge with you and I do hope you will continue this journey and take the challenge with me for February!  Keeping your food budget in check and showing you how to eat healthy is my goal. 

Until next time – be blessed and shop less!

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ஐღReneeஐ said…
I make weekly menus, and some times Monthly ones, so I know exactly what I will need for the month.
Lindsay said…
So excited to see your skills at work! I am sure I can get some great tips from you. We currently spend $150 every 2 weeks for a family of 3 not in the suburbs of a major city but eating more than 50% organic. So I am always looking for tips!
Caroline said…
I am trying to shop once every two weeks to lessen the blow of the grocery store. WE are on day 10 and the snack foods are gone, I told everyone, well maybe next time you will not eat them all so fast! LOL. I still have issues with meal planning but I am going back to the old school of thought. Cook a roast or Chicken on Sunday and make other things out of it for the rest of the week! I will let you know how that pans out.

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