No Spending Challenge: Discipline

It's been 14 days since the 1st of the new year (seems longer doesn't it..) and 14 days that our family has spent not a dime on anything other than food, our monthly bills and a headlight and wiper blades for my truck (safety issue).

It's probably the LONGEST I have gone without visiting our local Dollar Tree or buying a pizza from our favorite in town pizza place.  Or spent any money at an on-line deal site.  (did you unsubscribe to those sites? if not, read THIS post!)

It has not been as hard as I thought it would, but it's taken discipline to look the other way from temptation. 

This challenge is not just about not spending the money so at the end of January you will see how much money you did not spend. It's about personal discipline, working together as a family unit, realizing that LESS can be MORE!

What I hope you walk away with, on the 31st of January, is a sense of realization that you could (or maybe will continue to) live on LESS.  That we, as Americans, have SO much and we don't need it all...just seems that we WANT it all.  

What void does that "stuff" fill for you?  

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Caroline said…
I have been very disciplined and I am thankful for it. My husband is now on board with me. I have spent on a few things and either found a cheaper alternative and returned it or just not purchased. My daughter wanted roblox builders club for 6 months, I made her pay for it. It is something my children enjoy together. I agree staying out of the dollar store, convenience stores and other places does help you not to spend.
Melissa N. said…
That is great news that hubby is on board. Making the kids pay for their own "entertainment" is a great lesson. Our children love ROBLOX too! Yes the dollar store, for you and I, is a HUGE Temptation. almost 1/2 thru the challenge Caroline!
Lynda S said…
I almost spent $8 on a strap for my son's glasses. Then I thought, "Does he really need this?" Of course he didn't so I didn't get it.

I also made my own laundry detergent this week and I love it. My clothes looked bright and smelled fresher than ever.

Biggest savings was on groceries. I actually stuck to my list and planned most meals ahead on what I had on hand.

This was a great idea, Melissa. Thank you!
Melissa N. said…
So happy for you Lynda! It's so easy just to spend and justify those $5 $8 and $10 purchases. Grocery savings is big! Watch for the February challenge, you are already on the right track!
Anonymous said…
Good job friend!!! I love that the kids are involved as well!! Half way there :-)

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