No Spending Challenge: January: Ideas to break the boredom

So right about now, you are probably questioning if this was a good idea?  Rest assured it is!  You can do this!   

Just throwing out a short list of things you can do this weekend to mix it up in the house:

FREE (or mostly) things to do on the weekends (family time is encouraged):

For those of us who have snow:

      ·       Spray snow with colored water

·        Catch snowflakes on your tongues
·        Go sledding down a really big hill
·        Blow soap bubbles outside when it's cold enough to shatter them
·        Make ice ornaments
·        Snowball fight
·        Make a snowman
·        Make a snowfort
·        GO ice skating
·        Look for animal tracks in snow

Family Enrichment Activities

·        Bring cookies to the fire department or city offices
·        Round up old blankets and sheets – donate to animal shelter
·        Write letters to the troops
·        Get a jump start on the valentines using scraps you have in your craft supplies
 ·        Read a wonderful chapter book together
·        Post a video on you-tube
·    Do a photo shoot with each child – challenge each person in the family to find something to photo creatively and share with each other
·        Make treats for the birds – I use TP Rolls and spread peanut butter on it, then roll in seed
·        Have a movie camp-out in the living room with the kids – make a fort!
·        Do a puzzle together
·        Watercolor paint
·        Play charades
·        Write a family song
·        Give each other pedicures
·        Have a pillow fight
·        Try more new recipes 
·        Stay our pajamas all day long
·        Bring goodies to the neighbors
·        Participate in an Unplug Your Kids challenge – no social media or TV for the day
·        Have a sleepover
·        Try a brand new craft
·        Write Thank you Notes or Send cards and letters to loved ones
·        Do science experiments
·        Have a tea party
·        Donate a box of children's books to another family
·        Go for a walk while it's snowing
·        Have a family music day
·        Clean out the closets - GET Organized!

MY Favorite: Have  Kids VS Adult - LEGO Building Competition

Love for you to add more in the comments section!  

Enjoy your weekend, Be Blessed and Spend Less!

Source for some of the ideas


Anonymous said…
Here is a cool idea. Take BIG balloons, fill with water,add some food color, tie in knot,shake up, set outside until frozen,pop the balloon, and youll have colors Ice Balls to decorate the yard with ;)

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