No Spending Challenge: One Week Down!

It's been a week since our family started their No Spending Challenge for the month of January.  

If you are just checking in with us you can find the original post and guidelines HERE at this post.  Its about living on less, being grateful for what we have, spending less, knowing when enough IS enough, discipline and so much more.   I am excited to have 10 families on board (at least that's what I know about)!  

Today is week 1 - check in day!   With no judgements or is everyone doing?  Have your been tempted?  Have you been weak at all?  What has been hard for you? 

For me, it's been a week with sprinkles of temptations.  The kids are begging for a take out pizza. I have explained the challenge and they are on board, but they are kids, and still try. 

 I have been seeing some of my on line friends (thru Instagram) getting these great 90 percent off deals on Christmas stuff after the holiday, that has been tempting. I have been praying a lot about it.  

What I have spent money on this week:  regular grocery shopping, a headlight and wiper blades for my truck (safety issues) and our weekly church donation. 

 Here is one thing that I bought that we probably COULD have waited on.  My hubby does our taxes every year (that is a huge savings in of itself). Amazon had a deal on Turbo Tax (which is what he uses). Normally it's around $ 60, but with a sale and being a Prime member I got it for less than $ 40 and I used my gift card that I got for Christmas to buy it. SO technically no money came out of our budget, but it was a purchase that might have been able to wait but would have cost me more if I did.  I am on the fence on the purchase. I was tempted by this SALE on the Turbo Tax that I saw on one of my daily emails from a blog that posts "deals" and it roped me in. 

If you missed some of the posts this week here is a recap with links to help you. 

Friday I talked about UNSUBSCRIBING. This is KEY for ME as I was a "deal" site shopper.  - Proud to say I have been unsubscribing for over a month now (still emails come in) and have NOT purchased anything. Deleting these emails before I even open them or unsubscribe to them. 

Saturday I posted a few fun things to do that cost no money, in case you are going stir crazy and the kids are looking for something fun. You can find THAT post HERE. I will continue to post on Saturday morning with fun FREE, creative stuff to do as a family.

On Sunday, THIS POST went up with some helpful websites for long term savings, meal planning, couponing and goals.  

Then on Monday, what our family is doing WITHOUT and where we have decided to "trim" our lifestyle down. More on these ideas throughout the month.  You can check this out HERE.

So how did you and your family do for the week?  What tempted you? 

I am praying for each and every family who is on board with the challenge and trying it out. 

Let's support each other!

Until next time - Be Blessed and Live on Less!

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Caroline said…
This challenge is more than I imagined and is really thought provoking for me. I appreciate being included in it.
I spent on groceries, a $300 car repair (tire rods, bearings and serpentine belt) I do have to say this challenge made me think twice about which repairs to do and to get a second estimate. The first estimate was $800, I asked around and found a local mechanic who did it for $300.
I am challenged daily with this. I do have to go buy pet food, medications and a tool for our shop today ( I am attempting to build our kitchen cabinets) I struggle with if I could do without it. But in the long run, if I buy it I could remodel our whole kitchen for much less by purchasing a couple clamps!
Melissa N. said…
First off, congrats Caroline on joining me and others. I am glad it's challanging, it's making you think about purchases. I love the fact that you are really thinking about where you money is going. It would have been easier to just go with the $ 800 estimate but you saved your family so much money by getting that 2nd opinion and estimate. Even if you have to make these purchases, the fact that you are thinking about them differently is KEY! I and With Ya on the "if I can remodel for less" then I should do it. I say that is ok (IMO) if you can get cabinets cheaper this month and it will save you a boat load of money then purchasing next month. Even though NOT Essential, if you feel that in the long run it saves you, that's cool. At least your mind is "going there" and really thinking about it. Just track it all and see how you did/do. Weigh those pros and cons. Huzzah to your first week!
Dawn said…
I will be adding in my full report to my weekly wrap up. However, I spent $6 on a Kindle fire hard leather case this week. We really needed one because of dropping and it was on clearance down from $40. Otherwise, we have only spent on emergencies (injured dog) and groceries.
Blessings, Dawn
Melissa N. said…
Dawn, sorry about your injured dog 8( looking forward to your full report on Friday!
Caroline said…
Thanks Mellisa, I needed the encouragement. Actually, I bought the wrong tool, Now I have to go back, good news is the newer tool is $50 less than what I purchased! Saving money all around.
I am definitely thinking about every penny a little differently and looking to see what we can do without. Like my almost daily trips to the dollar store
Caroline said…
Melissa, I am making the cabinets from plywood. Not putting together premade cabinets! It is a real learning experience.
Mary Prather said…
Melissa ~ We did have one oops moment. We went to the museum (with passes we already had) and I did pack a snack for us before we went in. Our trip was so long (4 hours) that we did break down and buy lunch there. :-(

Other than that, though -- we have been doing great. Last night the boys were home alone while Anna and I were at youth group. Normally they would head out and get some dinner together -- but they just had leftovers instead.

I'm so grateful to you for opening our eyes and inviting us to this challenge!
Melissa N. said…
Caroline - WOW that is a DIY project! I bet they will be fabulous!

Mary - Those happen 8) Just out of curiosity - what was your thought process when you figured out you had to buy lunch? Did it pop into your mind about spending? Just wondering. i have had to stop myself two times this week from purchases that were not necessary but boy they would have been great! 8)

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