No Spending Challenge: An update and some tools to help you

We are more than halfway through our No Spend January Challenge. 

 Is your family still on board or have you all fallen off the wagon?  We have had a few slip ups but are still committed. 

These words from Kristie over at Saving Dollars and Sense SO hit home with me: 

It’s not about being cheap or how much money you have or don’t have. It’s about thinking before you act and learning the skills and tips that will allow you to live an abundant life and have money left over to save or bless others with. It’s about not spending more than you have to whenever you can do something about it.
It’s about living for today, but always with the future in mind.

So as we continue with our challenge, I wanted to let you in on a little secret....February will present itself with another challenge!  I am keeping the theme going! 

 Next month:  Ways to spend less on your food bill  

I will share our menu with you, ways to save and encourage you to tighten the belt a little and buy less.

So much to share!  Some EYE opening information for sure! Some tools to get you prepped. 

Here is a great free download from Frugality Gal:

Find this HERE

You can find this printable list HERE

Find this free printable HERE.

I pray your family continues to be aware of your spending and you will continue this eye opening journey with us!  

I just love this quote I found at a blog: Slowly, we came out from under our self-imposed weight of possessions.  (source) 

Until next time - Be Blessed and Spend Less!

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Spotted Leopard said…
I really need to do this! We spend way too much for a family of four. Look forward to joining you!
Anonymous said…
We went over a little on our grocery bill...But not by much :)
Melissa N. said…
Excellent Spotted Leopard!

That's ok Renee - at least you are aware of it!
Anonymous said…
Yep LOL I had to have a box of ding dongs and zingers rofl
Caroline said…
We went off the wagon for a few things, an icecream maker and a tool to help us build our own kitchen. But otherwise this has been a fantastic month. With working outside the home as well as inside the home and having to pack lunches for 4 I find $100 per week too restrictive a food budget. Being gluten free a pasta meal or 2 a week is a no go here. I am saving on other things so we keep plugging away. Thank you for bringing this forward in my mind again!

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