Science with Elmer's and a Giveaway!

I am so excited to bring you this Science Curriculum review today!  

Elmer's has always been a trusted brand in our home. Even if I did not home educate our children, we would still have a closet full of craft supplies from Elmer's. 

It's hard to believe that Elmer's has been around for six decades. Their products are helpful and I can always trust the Elmer's brand.  

When I was asked to review this Elmer's World of Glue - A Cross-Curricular Investigation of Adhesives from The Elmer's Teacher Club, I was excited. It fit into our grade levels K - 5 for all the children in our home.  It can be adapted for 1 - 25 students.

I was so pleased to read over the Teacher's Manual to find so many activities and handouts you can copy for all your students.  They even give you the academic standards - common core state standards in the manual. 

What we received: 

  • Too Much Glue - Book by Jason Lefebvre (signed personally by Jason!)
  • Elmer's School Glue
  • Elmer's School Glue Naturals
  • Elmer's Classic Glitter Glue (purple)
  • The World of Glue Teachers Guide

All packaged in a nice box (that can easily be re purposed for other school crafts!). 

The first thing we did (as suggested) is read the book out loud. It's a funny, well illustrated book.  All the children and I cracked up at several parts.  

Then we took to the experiments.

What I loved is that there are several activities you can pick from (or do them all).  We choose the Compare and Contrast experiment. The children put a glob of glue onto a paper and observed each glue glob and we compared and contrasted them. Using the Venn diagram worksheet they provided for us.  (we only used the white and the glitter glue for this project)

Next up was the Make a Mini Glue Suit activity (you would understand this a little more if you read the book...hehehe).

Once we were done with our chosen activities, Molly decided she wanted to try another experiment that was not included in the original information give to us by Elmer's.   
We drew a heart on a piece of cardboard and then put a piece of wax paper over the top of it. Then she filled in the heart (onto the wax paper) with the Elmer's Glitter Glue.  We let it dry overnight and in the morning she peeled it off the wax paper.  We love the results.  She plans on making more and gluing them onto Valentine Cards for her grand mothers. 

I was very happy with the entire package and very blessed to be able to share this with you all!

I encourage you to click on over to the Elmer's Teacher Club and get in on the action. So many projects to help your home school!
 As a bonus for followers of The Joys of Home Educating, Elmer's has offered me to give a kit away!  Once the giveaway is over, I will provide the winner’s information to the Elmer’s representative and they will contact the winner to get them their prize. The winner must reside within the United States.

Just enter the Rafflecopter below to win:

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I received this entire package at no cost in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was accepted.  This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. This post may contain affiliate or sponsor links. You can see our full disclosure policy at the bottom of this blog page


Kristyn W. said…
Molly's idea with the glitter glue and wax paper was clever and awesome!
ஐღReneeஐ said…
Son did things like this when he was little, and when he peeled it off the wax paper he stuck them to windows for art, the sun shined through it if you make it thin enough :)
Lindsay said…
I love the glitter glue clings! We use school glue and glitter glue by Elmers!
Kelli Wood said…
We use their glue!!! BEST GLUE EVER!!! I would love to win this to use with my son who loves hands on science projects! This looks really fun! Thanks for the chance!
Rayray Cartucci said…
we use the glue for homeschool all the time!
raventhreads said…
I use the glue by the big bottles! LOL I also use the 3d paint pens a lot :-)
I use the school glue with my kiddos all the time! I love the glitter glue - my students would too!
Michele Puccini said…
We only use is the best
Valerie McElroy said…
Lots of glue! Glitter glue
Yael said…
I love using Elmers glue!!! I ask for it specifically by name on my school supply list :) I love the glue clings and can't wait to use the idea!!
Lisa said…
I would love to win this to use with my students! I can see the potential for many great lessons!
Indiana Obando said…
We use Elmer's bottle and glue sticks! I would like to try the glitter ones!

Ms. Bray said…
My sister has this book for her kindergarten class and I would love to have it for my first graders!
Anonymous said…
We love glitter glue because it is so much un.

Allyson F. said…
Glue sticks for no mess activities!
susan said…
We use Elmer's School Glue and Glue Sticks because they are the best!
Anonymous said…
We love your glue sticks.

Regina said…
Love, love, love Elmer's Glue! We use the bottle glue and glue sticks in our first grade classroom. We NEED this book! :)
susanlulu said…
We use gluesticks at school, but at home I use a lot more to prepare for school. Love Rubber Cement to make permanent bond things. My teacher friends can't get over how it works! I learned it in college - and I use it 30 years later!
Melanie said…
We use LOTS of ELMER'S glue sticks and also bottle glue in all grades!

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