What we are doing without....

Happy Monday!  

We are back to our regular schedule with school and I am glad for it. It was nice to take "off" two weeks from the "normal" school day. We still crafted, quizzed at dinner and did other "learning" activities.  We are also back to gym classes this week and other obligations. 

If you are taking this journey with me and others for January (No Spending Challenge) I am so excited and praying for you and your family.  If you are not, maybe consider it?  You can check out the original POST HERE. 

I wanted to share some things that my husband and I have done to lesson our monthly outgoing.  

We are a tech family with big screen TV's, lap tops, gaming systems, Ipads....blah blah blah.   I was (and still am) kinda getting TECH-ED out!  I long for more REAL face to face time and less tech time...sigh...it's a battle I continue to fight every day.

A few months ago, I suggested we get rid of 2 of the 3 cable boxes in the home and low and behold, HUBBY was on board with it.  The children were NOT. (made me a little sad that they hold television in such high standards in their lives...working on this!)

On our playroom tv and our bedroom tv we have what you might say "basic cable" with a few of the major networks and PBS available (we don't pay separate for them, because we pay for cable in our family room TV).  

We also have an Apple TV on our bedroom TV that you can get a few other channels with it. 

I love the fact that the TV is on WAY less in the afternoons (no TV allowed from 9:30 - 2pm each day). More playing and creating happening! 

Hubby also agreed to cancel his GAMING SPORTS Package from our cable provider which was costing $ 7 a month.    

 I also suggested we get rid of Netflix - another $ 8 a month (no one is missing it).  We still can get our cable TV on the Ipads if WE MUST see something lol...we use it for school a lot.  So if you add up all this you will see we are saving a nice $ 70 per month and the grumbling stopped after a week or so and now it's the new normal! 

Another item on hubby's check list this month - is looking into getting all of our "insurances"  (homeowners, cars, quads and camper) under 1 company maybe getting a multi policy discount.   Verdict still out on this one....

I would love for some other suggestions that you might use to cut your monthly budget.  Leave in comments!  Anything we can do to help each other would be great!

Until next time - Be Blessed and Spend Less!


Kelli Becton said…
Love that you have done away with cable and such. We dumped it about 2 years ago now & really don't miss it. We only have netflix ($8 per month) and we use it a good bit but that way we choose exactly what we will watch & no commercials! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas & new years - God bless you in 2014~
Caroline said…
We have 2 cable boxes and a lower cable package, but keep netflix as hubbie and I use that more than anything. I am going to try and shop online for groceries this month to cut down on extras I spend at the grocery store and hubbie can pick them up on his way home.
I am trying to not go to stores period, if I don't go I wont buy. I am writing lists of things I want and looking at them for a week before deciding if they can be erased from my list.
Melissa N. said…
YES, I have been doing the Shop at Home from Shoprite for months now and spend WAY LESS. If you have at least $ 100 in your cart then the $ 10 FEE is waved so it's a cost of NOTHING to have someone else shop for you, bag them up and you are on your way. I love it and my budget does also! little trips here and there are costly. A weekly food plan helps too.

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