Collage Friday - No Snow Day for YOU!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I pray everyone is safe and how power restored from the winter storms.  We received about 16 inches give or take.  It's so pretty and we respect how it humbles us.  Hoping hubby gets out with the children and skis! 

Linking up with Mary over at Homegrown Learners for Collage Friday!

Last weekend my cousin and her family, my older son and his soon to be wife came over for a Celebration. It was 31 years ago (on 2/9) that my life changed.  That is the day of my 1st surgery on my head that eventually lead to the diagnosis of cancer.  My life is BETTER because of it and I am who I am because of it!  Thank you God for choosing that path for me. 

We have been reading all about Russia, Russian Folk and Fairy tales. The art in these books is breathtaking. The talent, the way in which they are written and illustrated - WOW. I have so enjoyed our evenings before bed reading with the children. 

We studied President Lincoln and Washington this week. 

Our local library (2 miles away) started their new winter programs.  Each Wednesday for an hour we are digging  into a new learning adventure.  This week - DENTAL Care.   A hygienist came in and explained all about teeth, cleaning and care.  There were stations set up for the children to rotate to.  Besides my three children, our friends (who homeschool) were there! 

Since we are studying Russia, Polar Bears and other Arctic studies are going on.  LOTS of reading!

Tracking our MEDALS!  We choose only 5 countries to track - USA, Russia, Germany, China and Canada.  Valentine assignments were assigned and finished with big smiles. We have all been so "into" watching the Olympics whenever we can. Molly was intrigued by the Women's Curling.

We crafted, played a lot and watched the snow come down at the end of the week.  

Molly's reading is really picking up!  We played Olympic BINGO at snack time every day. Of course some LEGO building was happening.  We had fun making some Olympic displays using the Duplo Legos. Thanks to Stef over at Educating Laytons for the ideas! 

This weekend - Valentine Party with some friends. Hubby and I have "date day" on Saturday (going back to the Northeast RV Show).  Sunday - besides church, hoping the kids and daddy get some skiing in!

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Anonymous said…
It looks like you guys had a great and busy week! I love the Olympic tracking on the whiteboard.
Stef Layton said…
thanks friend - but I'd swap our lego days for one of your amazing themed units!

You always pour so much effort & love into your homeschool days. I applaud you!!
Phyllis said…
There is so much to love in this post. I love your beautiful celebration and that you are well now. I love the tracking the Olympic medals on the while board. I love the Russian fairy tales books...what are their titles/authors so I can look them up?
Tonia L said…
Looks like you had a fun and busy week. So many good books!
Dawn said…
As always, a wonderful and fun week over there.
Blessings, Dawn
Christy said…
Another great week. I love your attitude toward what sounds like a difficult time, but led to the life you have now. We are semi addicted to women's curling too. Amber says the men's is not as interesting.
Anonymous said…
What a great week!! Your library sounds awesome!!
Mary said…
Your pictures always make me smile. There is always such a festive theme about them.

Learning about the Presidents is one of my Nolan's favorite things. Fun!

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