Collage Friday

It's Friday and another few snow storms have hit our part of the country this week.  We love the snow!  We just don't love shoveling it! (our snowblower belt broke this week so hubby and I had to shovel 14 inches by hand and we have a LONG driveway!)  Eric has taken the kids skiing several times over the last week, getting the most out of our season passes. 

Last weekend, for Superbowl, we had a few families over to watch the game. It was relaxing and fun!

We were able to start some serious fun crafting for Valentine's this week.  

Our I LOVE YOU in sign language cards turned out great!

We also made these Butterflies out of hearts. 

The children all started a new gymnastics class this week at our local gym which is only 2 miles from our home!  After class we usually stop by the local pet store and visit with the animals.  You can see that our Sammie (purple coat) is holding a baby mouse. The eyes were not even open yet.  One of the owners, who always takes time out to talk with us and educate us, took "Chatter" out of his cage and put it in her pouch. He loves it in there...talks up a storm.  He loves to tell us "I Love You" and whistle at us. He can growl like a bear and quack like a duck too. He says HELLO each morning to the staff. We get a kick out of him.

The 2014 Winter Olympics started this week and we are all about watching and learning.  The kids and I are studying Russia this month also.  

Today we are taking some time out of school to get our dentist appointments taken care of and out to lunch!  Well deserved since January was a no spending month and the kids did great!    We are thinking on Saturday night to take the kids to see the Lego Movie as family!  

In case you missed my post from Thursday, I shared a few great recipes with you that will help your food budget stretch a little longer!

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Phyllis said…
I love your celebratory week! Your Super Bowl party is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your joys.
Dawn said…
What a fun week! I have to figure out how we are going to watch the Olympics since we don't get NBC! I just realized this fact a few hours ago! I love seeing all of the fun you all are up too.
Blessings, Dawn
What a lovely week. Your posts always make me smile. Slightly jealous of your snow, though not of all the hard shovelling work!
I love the sign language valentines card - I might be pinching that idea! Have a wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
What a great week! I especially love the Super bowl party stuff. :-) Hope you guys have a great weekend!
Christy said…
More great crafts and lovely Super Bowl food. Sounds like a fun week, even if you had to shovel.
Hodgepodgemom said…
Melissa - I love all your party and celebratory ideas!
Anonymous said…
That pet shop sounds awesome!! How fun to get to visit so often! Looks like a great week!

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