Homeschool Books for Moms

Can I just say, I love Pinterest!  I find so many awesome resources, craft ideas, home ideas, printables and inspiration on Pinterest.  I came across this one this morning from My Joy Filled Life.   Do you have any of these?  The Homeschool Mom's Bible intrigues  me! 


I wish I made more time to read for person enjoyment.  One of my 2014 Goals is to finally FINISH a book. I am great the start, but fall short to ever finish.  I just find that I am so tired and want to spend some time with the hubby at night, that reading takes a back seat again.   I have to MAKE the time.  Other homeschooling moms do it, why can't I?   

Stay tuned to see if I can ever finish a book.....

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Sarah Avila said…
You're not alone! I struggle with finishing books too! It is definitely hard to find the time!
Anonymous said…
I love to read but so does Tim so we will read books together :-) Or just read at the same time. I find once I make it a habit I want to do it more frequently :)
Melissa N. said…
Glad I am with good company Sarah 8)

Lindsay - my husband hates to read 8(

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