Rare Disease Day, Dr. Seuss and Collage Friday

I am willing to bet that most of my readers and followers are not aware of the significance of February 28th.  For that I am grateful.  

If you did know that today is Rare Disease Day, that means you or someone close to you might have a rare disease.   We are aware of it in our home.  My BFF has a child with a very rare syndrome.   It's a challenging life but BLESSED life for our little buddy, Owen.   He has a rare disease called Cardio Facio Cutaneous or CFC for short. It is so rare in fact that researchers estimate that 200-300 people worldwide have this condition.

This is a picture of Owen, Molly and myself on one of our camping adventures.  He is our smallest camper yet!  

One thing you can do to help our little buddy, Owen, is sign up for Amazon Smile and pick the Cardio Facio Cutaneous as your special charity. Each time you make a purchase on Amazon, a small amount will be donated to this cause and it will help raise money for Owen and the other hundreds like him. 

Owen with Uncle Eric and Aunt Melissa (hubby and me) on his first camping trip with all of us. Sweet baby. 

Owen and his beautiful mama, my BFF, Tina.
You can also show your support by Liking the Rare Disease Day on Facebook HERE.

Muah Owen, kisses from your family!

So this week I took no pictures of the children (boooo) and school.  I know how is that possible.  Well, my entire week was thrown off by my trip last weekend NOT HAPPENING! 

 Thanks for all the safe travel prayers, but they ended up cancelling my flight after hours of delay, due to fog. The next and only other flight out was already overbooked with a ton of people on standby 8(  Sadly, I did not get to see my father last weekend.   But good news, I have rescheduled my trip south for March 8th and pray that the weather holds out!  

My father is out of the hospital and home with his girlfriend of 23 years and has Hospice care every day. Thank you God for hospice.  We continue to pray for no pain and a peaceful day each day he is still with us. 

School this week...

We really worked on miscellaneous work.  Since our Russia and Olympic studies were over, we played a lot of catch up on other things. 

This coming week, though, I am excited that it's Read Across America time again!  It's all things SEUSS in our home!  

I started by decorating the classroom!

 In addition, on our Wednesday library class, we found some Dr. Seuss books we had never read before so we added those to our reading library for March.   We will be watching movies, reading a lot, fun crafts and other activities surrounding the Dr. Seuss books.

I invite you to check out my Dr. Seuss Pinterest Board HERE to get a ton of ideas for your classroom. 

In addition, you can check out more pictures of what our school room looks like all Seussed out at my sister blog, My Party Passion. 

Tomorrow the two older children, myself and my mother are talking a well deserved field trip into NYC to see the show STOMP.  We are excited!  Excited that it will also be a warm 35 degrees in the city, versus the below zero temps of today with the wind. 

I am linking up, as I do each Friday, with Mary over at Homegrown Learners for her Collage Friday. Join me, won't you.

Until next time, be blessed! 

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Mary Prather said…
STOMP! What fun, Melissa! I wish I was there to go with you!

You know I'm always praying for your dad. I'm so glad he is home and with Hospice -- this will make his last days peaceful and painless, so this is good. I'm glad you are going down there next week.

Owen is a beautiful little boy. God bless him.

Hugs to you!
Tina said…
Made me cry this morning! Thanks for sharing! Still praying for your dad every day. Love the Seuss decorations too! xoxoxo
Melissa N. said…
Thanks Mary - I continue to pray for your parents as well..healing thoughts!

Aw Tina, was not suppose to make you cry...but glad I had a chance to share with the world..love him so much and you all too! 8) XO
Tina said…
It was a good kind of cry. ;) A little reminder of how blessed we are in so many ways!
Melissa N. said…
AMEN Tina!
Anonymous said…
I'm continuing to pray for your dad...I also love Dr. Seuss day, and I was planning on asking the children this afternoon whether we should have a Dr. Seuss week or a "regular" week next week.
Sending prayers your direction - for both your dad and Owen.
Jen Dunlap said…
What a sweet little face!!

Sorry to hear about your father, my prayers for you as you head there next weekend. Strength and peace my friend!
Dawn said…
What a sweet little guy. Your Dr.Seuss table looks wonderful.
Blessings, Dawn
Mary said…
Praying for your dad and little Owen.

As always, you are too fun for words! Love the Dr. Suess set up!
Anonymous said…
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