Rewards, organization and more: A review

Part of my organizational plan for 2014 is getting the children more involved with the chores around the house.  They will usually perform a task if asked (a million times). However, I really feel that the girls need to be held more accountable when it comes to helping out.  Zachary has his weekly chores that he performs also. 

Today I am sharing a new "tool" that we are using at home.  These personalized Chore Charts and reward stickers are from a company called has a variety of reward stickers, charts and other organization and reward tools for teachers. 

These chore charts come in packages of 8. I decided in order to get more "mileage" out of the charts, I laminated them in the hopes of using them the entire year and not just discarding after a week. I love that you can order them with the children's name on them.  They quality of the paper is more of a cardstock and the colors are vibrant.  Very appealing to the children's eyes.

These are the Mini Smiley Star stickers. You can use them on the chore charts or in our case, we are using them as a reward each day if the chores are done and the girls are wearing them on their clothes, face and arms.  

So good! has a variety of chore charts, reward charts, stickers and more for every grade level and teachers. The company has been around for about 14 years and continue to provide customized reward programs for teachers and parents. 

I was given the stickers and chore charts in exchange for my honest opinion on the products in my own words. No other compensation was given. 



Lindsay said…
These are so cool!! I need to do a better job with Sammy! I started but then fell off the band wagon!
Melissa N. said…
I hear you, Lindsay, we go back and forth...

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