Stretching your food; two recipe ideas!

It's February and we are a wintry mess again here in NY!  Casserole cooking is on the brain and so is saving at the grocery store.  If you missed my February challenge, please check it all out HERE.

Today I am sharing two recipe ideas that really help me stretch my food budget.  Each week I buy 1 package of organic chicken. Usually boneless, skinless thighs. It runs me about $ 7.50 for a package and there are usually 5 thighs in there.  I am able to stretch that chicken into two full meals plus 2 leftover lunches for the hubby!  NOTE: We use organic ingredients whenever we can. 

Meal 1:

Creamy Tomato and Chicken Pasta - original recipe found HERE.

If you clicked on the recipe link you will see that the original recipe called for spinach and penne pasta. I substituted cut up chicken thighs (2 of them) instead of the spinach (did not have any) and whole wheat elbow macaroni.  This recipe yielded a good sized bowl for 5 and a leftover container for my husband to take for lunch.  In addition, we cut up a cucumber and some carrot sticks (I have been cutting organic baby carrots in 1/2 length wise. Kids seem to eat more of them when they are smaller.)

Meal 2: 

Oven Fajitas - original recipe found HERE.

I made no modifications to this recipe. It was so easy all in 1 dish and in the oven!  Using the other 3 chicken thighs from the original package. Cut up in strips. If you don't have all the spices, no worries, you can add some salt and pepper.   We had these in warmed up soft whole wheat tortilla shells with some rice and beans on the side (leftover from last week).  One tortilla per person (5) and a small container that my husband put over the rest of the rice for work for lunch. 

Both of these new recipes were a hit with the family.  Cost was in my budget and healthy! 

Until next time - Be Blessed and Spend Less!

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Anonymous said…
Cool!! I am always looking for good ways to stretch the food budget!
Caroline said…
Sounds good. Next week I am going to bake a chicken and use the rest for left over soup and a casserole. I will let you know!
My pre teen children eat more than what you are talking about serving. I would have to double your servings!

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