Catching up....February Challenge wrap up...March is here!


How are you all?  

I am so happy to have said GOOD BYE to February and Hello to March!  

February was not a good month....recording breaking epic fail of a trip south postponed......blah blah blah.....

March...strong word...MARCH....ok now there is a month to be had.  I pray it finds you all well and full of Spring in your step. 

We still have several feet of snow on the ground and the temperatures have been in the negative numbers BUT I am optimistic that the snow will retreat back to the ground from which it came from, SOON (at least before our Family Easter Egg Hunt). 

What is coming up for us in March?  We are studying Alaska and the Iditarod Race.  Everything Dr. Seuss. Celebrating St. Patty's Day and Spring (even if it's with a snowman building contest).  I have two trips scheduled for this month.  One coming up this weekend - second attempt to fly south to see my father and one St. Patty's Day weekend to go North to stay with our besties for little Owen's 2nd Birthday! 

As for February, I was able to stick to my budget challenge for food!  $ 120 a week average and buying mostly organic and whole foods.  HUZZAH!  Tried a few new recipes, mostly all keepers.  

The Spring issue of Polka Dot Balloon Magazine came out in all it's Spring glory!  If you missed it, you can view it on line for FREE. Just click POLKA DOT BALLOON and it will take you there!  My contribution was the How to Throw a Ladies Game Night.

cookies from Dessert By Dawn

I am also very proud of the launch of the Mom Mentor program over at Graham Blanchard.  This is a monthly series from some Christian (bloggers) mothers bringing you their view, perspective and stories.  I hope you had a chance to stop over and check it out at Graham Blanchard.  It's been so well received with the media and moms.  

I am itching to get the camper out of hibernation and get on the road again. I have found that my family is meant to travel and be on the go (in a good way not a hurried busy way).  The children are ready and I am ready.  We have already booked a few trips and will be booking a few more this week! 

Personally, I am working on a few things....hubby bought me a treadmill for my birthday so that is getting some action.  I have Molly's 7th birthday coming up in a few weeks and then Sammie's 5th!  Our big Family Easter Egg Hunt is happening this year!  (we took last year off...but are back again...)   

WOW no snow on the ground in 2012 and the flowers were up!  

This is a BIG week in March in our home.  It's the week that. historically. my husband receives his bonus from the previous year, our taxes are in the bank, some company stocks get paid out and it's our biggest spending month of the year.  

This year, instead of giving the children some "mad money" from the bonus (which we typically do every year), I have challenged them. They each have two reward cards: one is a reading challenge card and one is a kindness card.  Whomever has the most punches at the end of the month on their card, will receive a $ 50 GC to Target (per card). Challenge ACCEPTED by all.  I am not telling them that they will all receive a GC regardless, but I am pretty sure it will be a close race anyway. It's only the 1st week in March and Zachary has read 2 books!  Molly is up there and Sammie needs to read with me every night to get a punch.  

we are not doing the chore card. I found these on Etsy and LOVE THEM!
Yes, I am not above a little friendly competition and maybe a little bribing here and there. lol

So this brings me to some prayer requests:  please pray for: my father (Jack) - specifically no pain and suffering. For his GF, Barb, being the caretaker of someone who is in their last weeks of life is NOT EASY!  For safe travels as I fly south to see them.  I need prayers specifically for strength and courage to tell him a few things and pray with him. Not to mention, not a huge fan of flying. 

It's with a grateful heart that I thank you for being a follower and friend. 

Until next time - Be Blessed!

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Dawn said…
There is a lot going on in your world. We will be praying that your trip goes well. I am sorry you are going through this hard time and will be praying for your father. Your celebrations for the month will be a blast, I am sure!
Blessings, Dawn
Tina said…
Big month with lots of ups and downs! I pray that this trip goes well and is good for your soul. <3 And we can't wait to see the the following weekend!
Sounds like March will be a busy month for you! I'm so glad February is gone and can't wait til warmer weather returns.

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Best of luck to you ;)
Anonymous said…
Praying for your trip!! I am sure that is super tough and I am praying for your strength and confidence along with his heart to hear you! (((HUGS))).. I am so ready for winter to be over!! I am in a slight winter funk and I need some sunshine to break me out of it!!
Caroline said…
Thoughts going your way. I did pretty well in the challenge
...what is Marches challenge?/
Caroline said…
Thoughts going your way. I did pretty well in the challenge
...what is Marches challenge?/

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