Collage Friday and a Video

We have had a good week here in NY. The snow is melting and the signs of spring are everywhere!  I am ready for the light coat and to put away my Uggs for the season.  

Zachary worked on the Women and Children of the Revolutionary War - and some fun Scholastic - Super Science!  He is always working on his IPAD playing Scrabble, Words with Friends, Monopoly, Stack the States and Stack the Countries.

The girls and I talked about what is happening outside with the plants and animals. Waking up!  Sammie also enjoyed this Sofia the First Unit.

We had so much fun making our Chocolate Volcano Cakes from our Raddish box this week.  

Of course some Spring crafting was in order. We made these easy cupcake paper and button flowers pictures.

Also using some kitchen sponges
(for stamping)  from dollar store to make these beautiful spring cards. 

Thursday Science - again going to our Raddish box and finding a cool experiment.  This experiment has been done for years in Science classes around the world.  It's an oldie but goodie! Vinegar Volcano Molly even did her 1st Video telling you all about it!

Looking forward to Molly's 7th Birthday this weekend!  Enjoy your weekend and dont forget to come and link up with me at Homegrown Learners - Collage Friday!

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Phyllis said…
Happy Birthday, Molly! I had thought about Radish for my younger boys, but I think they are too old for it. *Sigh* Looks like you had a great, fun week.
Karen said…
What a great week Melissa!! We are so ready for Spring here too. Love the Chocolate Volcano Cake. And Happy Birthday to Molly! I know her party will be awesome. Keilee's cast party for Shrek is next weekend and I was thinking about you and how cool YOU could make it. ;)

Molly ROCKED her video!! We loved it.
Tristan said…
Stack the States and Stack the COuntries are both fun. Looks like you had a good week!
Christy said…
Happy birthday to Molly! Love the sponge art. Such an easy and fun idea.
Mary Prather said…
Ok -- that video of Molly is the cutest thing ever!!! It made my day :-)
Anonymous said…
oh my goodness I want to eat Molly w/ a spoon!!! Too sweet! She did a great job presenting the experiment as well!

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun this week!! We have a Radish review coming this weekend!! We are having so much fun!
Mary said…
Molly is so cute!!

I love the Discover Kids mags - so fun.
Dawn said…
Chocolate Volcano cake! That is what I need. Have a blessed week.
Blessings, Dawn
I love the spring flowers, what a pretty and simple activity!
Tina said…
Love the way that sponge art turned out! Mike is impressed with Molly's science skills. :) He's home sick today so tell her we'll be doing her experiment ourselves too. Can't wait to see how her party turned out! Happy early birthday Miss Molly!
Jamie said…
I missed reading your postings and guess what I am back !!!!!!The kids are growing up so quickly. Happy Spring and Happy Birthday to the BIRTHDAY Girl!!!
Melissa N. said…
AH Jamie, you are back...MISSED you so much girl!

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes for Molly.

She enjoyed making the video and think she will be making more 8)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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