Collage Friday

TGIF - has never sounded so good to my ears.

To put into words the last 10 days would take too long. So many emotions.

We spent the weekend with our best friends. Making homemade ice cream (not as easy as it looks), fellowship and a fun birthday party! 

Not sure if everyone was aware that you can find more resources for The Joys of Home Educating on Facebook HERE

In case you missed THIS POST here is the link to the post. RADDISH is something that all homeschooling families could benefit from.  It's a mixture (pun intended) of education, fun, bonding, cooking and creating. 

Some guest posting: getting ready for spring with some Washi Crafting. Over at Catch My Party Blog and PSMIYO (P.S. Make It Your Own)
On Tuesday, March 18th, we laid my father's body to rest in the Saratoga National Cemetery. With a full honors military funeral. The day was sunny and a bit breezy.  I found myself at ease with his passing as I am a believer and I know that he is HOME.  Someday I will join him and see all that our Lord has for us in the eternal life.  Thank you to those of you who were praying for safe travels and our family. We felt it!    It was ironic that it was 3 years ago to the date that we buried my Father In Law.

This weekend my MIL is taking the children on Saturday for an overnight. It will give me and my husband time to decompress from the last few weeks, get our life back in order and plan for spring.

Coming up:  Molly turns 7!  More fun and LEGOS!

Until next time - Be Blessed

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Jessy said…
Oh, so sorry to hear about your Dad! Love the spring baskets! Very cute!
Phyllis said…
There is nothing better than homemade ice cream...even in the winter! RADDISH looks like a cute program. The Washi baskets are so cute, too. Although sad, of course, it must have been wonderful to for your father to be honored with a full honors military funeral. (hugs) I hope you have a relaxing week coming up.
Stef Layton said…
you and raddish too?! I missed that one. looks fun.

I'm laughing with your winter jackets as we were at the lake this week!!!
Tonia L said…
My condolences on the loss of your father.
Rebecca said…
I am sorry about the loss of your Dad. Your funeral photos are beautiful and stir up emotions from my grandfather's military funeral last year. I pray that you have a good and relaxing week and that you do take the time to decompress that I know you'll need....By the way, RADDISH does look like fun :-)
redkitchen said…
So sorry about the loss of your father. I hope you and your husband have a nice weekend together.
Dawn said…
What a full few weeks with so many ups and downs. I pray you will have a restful weekend.
Blessings, Dawn
Lindsay said…
What a cute birthday party! So glad you felt a peace about your father's passing. You have been in my prayers all week! (((HUGS))) I hope you and your hubby had some time to decompress!
shelly sangrey said…
I'm so sorry about your father, but, as you said, you will see him again. Your pictures are just beautiful. I loved every one of them.
Caroline said…
I am glad he is finally at rest. May spring be a new beginning
for all of us!
So sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope this week will be restful and full of love for you and your family.
Melissa N. said…
Thanks everyone for your comments. 8)
Tina said…
Beautiful pics of the service. And of course, all of our kids! :) So glad you had that time over the weekend to get your thoughts back in order. Hoping this week is treating you well! xo

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