Mini Magnet Books: A product review

It's Monday which means I am sharing with you a review of a fun teaching product from

If you missed our review of last week you can see all about  at Making Cents of Money

This week, I have another exciting review. 

These Mini Magnet Books are the coolest things.  They are great for traveling also.   Today Zachary used the Measurements and Conversions Mini Magnet Book to assist him with a few worksheets converting inches to feet and vice versa.  Also ounces to pounds and vice versa. 
What I LOVE about these cuties is that the text is not too small and everything is all in one place.  These charts come in real handy.  It is easy to look it all up on the internet, but I want our children to still use reference materials like I used years ago. 

In Zachary's own words "these are cool, tiny and compact.  Very helpful."

Lets take a peek of what's Inside
  • Length, capacity, weight, temperature and time
  • U.S. Standard and metric units
  • Measurement abbreviations
  • Measurement conversions
All in one handy reference guide!

Just a short list of some other exciting Mini Magnet Books:

I am excited to say that these Mini Magnet Books are on sale over at Creative Teaching Press from $ 4.99 to $ 2.00 (for a limited time)!  That's over half off!   

Grab them all - make excellent fillers for Easter Baskets!  I like to keep things like these handy for car rides, trips to grandmas and when we are waiting at doctor appointments.  Also fun for dinner out while you are waiting for your meal!

Thanks Creative Teaching Press for some great affordable products!

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Tune in next Monday to see what we are reviewing next from Creative Teaching Press!

I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion and a review in my own words.


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Fiddle Fancier said…
Hi Melissa,
I thought I'd share some of the free resources that my kids used with you from my blog.

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