Tasty Thursday with Raddish: Science in the Kitchen

Oh what a Tasty Thursday it is today! 

I am so excited to tell you more about Raddish!  I invite you to check out my post from earlier telling you more about this fabulous product for your homeschool. 

Chocolate Volcano Cake

Of course the girls chose the Chocolate Volcano Cake to make from our Raddish box.  (kinda glad they did...)

We started with our recipe card and all our ingredients. The girls had a great time learning how to whisk using our whisking card.  Lots of measuring going on and everyone helped with the cracking of the eggs. Great skills going on! 

Ready to go into the oven....longest 11 minutes of our day waiting for these lovelies to cook 8) How cute is that apron!  Included with a monthly subscription. Each month you get another patch to iron on also!  

Can you smell them now...Oh My Gosh - one of the best desserts I have had in a very LONG TIME!  

If you love to cook in the kitchen with your children and are looking for a wonderful way to bond and learn all about Kitchen Science, then Raddish is for you!  I encourage you to like them on Facebook and check out their monthly Raddish Boxes.   

You can also find them on Pinterest.

Thanks to Raddish for our box to experiment with.  No other compensation was given. All opinions and words are my own.  

We are always looking for new products to try and get the word out.  You can contact me at mnewell0293@gmail.com for more information. 


Tina said…
Yummmmm! Nice choice, girls! Would taste good with some homemade ice cream.... ;)

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