School Room Decor: A review

Today is my final review in a four week series for Creative Teaching Press.

In case you missed the other three you can still check them out:

Besides excellent teaching products they also have fun school room decor!   I love to decorate our school room (aka our dining room) in different themes depending on the holiday, season or events happening in our teachings.  Creative Teaching Press has plenty of eye candy to spruce up your room. 

I LOVE the Mustache decor and supplies that they are offering right now. Staying on trend with what is popular with celebrations and the children.  

They have an entire line of these mustache products:

Mustache Mania Border for your bulletin boards.
Mustache Reward Stickers (we are currently using these for spelling rewards)
Mustache Cut Outs

It's not only mustache decor that they are offering - there is an entire line of It's Spring collection to decorate and brighten up the room.

The quality and colors of their room decor is exceptional.  I normally would buy things like these products at a local dollar store and they would only last that one time use (what do you want for a buck) but for a few extra bucks I will have these products for years to reuse time after time. Well worth it! 

It's been a great time testing out these products for real in our classroom.  Thanks to Creative Teaching Press for allowing us to review these products.

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I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion and a review in my own words.


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