Collage Friday - Birthday Edition

Tomorrow is our middle child's birthday..
(last weekend was her "kids" party - tomorrow is our family gathering)


"born to do great things"

artist, dancer, shy, drama, actress, lover of animals, gymnast

Walking at 8 months old....never been able to stop her since...

Her First Birthday celebration - Strawberry Shortcake

Today is our "birthday day" where we go to Toys R Us and she gets her crown and balloon, spend some gift cards and go out to lunch. I have been doing this with our children since they were old enough to know what a birthday is.

SCHOOL - we were busy this week although I did not take many pictures.....

The weather was so nice most of the week we took advantage of it and went outside as much as possible.  Here are some pictures from a visit to a little "trailside zoo" that we go to...
So much learning going on....we were the only ones there!

I hope you get a chance to link up over at Mary's Homegrown Learners - Collage Friday - where homeschoolers share what is going on in their home that week!  

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Be Blessed!

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Mary Prather said…
Happy Birthday, Molly! I love the collages showing her growth - what a pretty girl. Have fun this weekend!
Dawn said…
What a lovely birthday week. Thank you for your prayers.
Blessings, Dawn
Phyllis said…
Happy Birthday, Molly! What cute pictures!
Tina said…
She is such a beauty - inside and out! Love that girl!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Molly!! I am sure she had a great day!! I loved seeing baby pictures!!

That little zoo looks peaceful!!

Rebecca said…
I love the collages of Molly for her birthday. They're so adorable :-)

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