Farm Camping 101

Last weekend we went a little out of our comfort zone and camped at  FARM Campground.  My first impression was not the best, I will admit. I think I have turned into a "snobby" camper.  Expecting a certain standard the minute I drive on to the grounds. 

 I quickly put into my place, knocked down a notch, off of my high horse. This was probably one of the BEST camping weekends we have ever had as a family.  

Across from our campsite were mini horses, a month old calf and her mom, turkeys and more...the kids were in their glory with all the outdoor fun...gezz no one seemed to miss the Ipads, TVs or computers one bit! 

Isn't it beautiful!

This lamb was born while were we there...5 pm on Saturday 10 am Sunday morning we were holding them, loving them and being a part of their first life experiences. 

 Sammie want to take this little girl home.  

This calf was born the day after Easter. She was SOO cute and still getting used to her legs. Her mama did not venture too far from her. 

The "retro" playground included a grounded tractor and other farm equipment - who knew!

Even rolling down the grassy hills and blowing the dandelion seeds in the air was FUN - hmmm...maybe he will forget about his DS for a minute! 

 Daddy even got into the action on the swings! 

Only an hour after we arrived we were all on the horse drawn hay wagon ride....and guess who got to take the reigns!

Sammy was in her glory (several times this weekend) but right now she was in the drivers seat!

Yup you see it clear...she was a champ at milking a cow too!  The girl is on fire!

yet another animal Sammie found that would fit into her suitcase...

Molly finally warmed up to a friend....she is a little more stand offish with animals. 

This is Easter Lilly - she is a mini horse and was born Easter Morning this year 8)

We are already planning our next trip to Pleasant Acres Farm Campground. 

Enjoy your Memorial Weekend and Camp On!

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Anonymous said…
ohh my goodness this looks like the coolest campsite ever!! I am going to have to try and find one like that near me!!
Melissa N. said…
Lindsay it was very cool! Such a great staff also!
Tina said…
We need a camper now. Looks like so much fun and you KNOW how much the Lillys would love that place. They even named a horse after us! ;)
Melissa N. said…
Yes you do Tina - you can rent nice cabins there too - to try it out...come with us and rent a cabin! Boys (big and small) would love it!

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