Camping for Mother's Day.....a tradition of the still affordable vacations left for families.  

I remember camping when I was younger and I can still remember all the fun we had fishing, campfires, running around, exploring nature and staying up until all hours of the night catching fireflies. 

I want my children to have those memories and we are making that happen!

We have been camping with the same family for years now. We tend to gravitate towards this one particular place more than others as it's conveniently located between both families and it's extremely kid friendly.  

Mother's Day 2014 - not including the little guy sitting on the rock...we have a 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 year old there!

This Mother's Day weekend is always our kick off weekend for camping.  We upgraded to a travel trailer last year but our friends are still "roughing" it in a tent (truth be told, I do miss a tent every now and then).

We love to go exploring and find creatures. This spider was under a piece of bark that was falling off the tree.  He was as big one.

The husbands...the fire starters....they sure do keep each other laughing all night!

We fish....

We eat GOOD!

We know how to relax....

we fish some more....

Ok maybe this is checkers on the Ipad, but we still play

These children have been friends and camping buddies since they were knee high to a grasshopper...

First camping trip almost 5 years ago.

our BFF's and camping partnets

See how Tina is drinking water?  This was special trip as she revealed to us she was pregnant with their third boy! No beer for her!

Love how the dads always give us moms some "down time" - taking the kids for hikes and to the playground.

Mother's Day 2014

I am excited to see what the Summer has in store for our camping adventures.  There is one thing I can be sure of, rain or shine - camping with a friend is always a good time 8)

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Looks like you guys have a great time every time you go. This is unfortunately one thing that we do NOT have in common my friend, I do NOT like camping - too many bugs! ;)
Tina said…
Good old memory lane! We've come a long way since Jim Thorpe. More fun every year! :)
Melissa N. said…
That's ok Laura - the camper really is not "camping" lol

Tina - yes we have!
Anonymous said…
I MUST get in the camping swing again.. I miss it!!

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