A Fairy Tee-Pee: Natural Play

Camping is one of the best memories for our children.  Out in the wilderness, pigging out on great food, fellowship with our friends and enjoying what nature has to offer them.

On this recent camping trip, I suggested an idea to the children what would open their minds up to great imagination.  We were going to try to attract the Camping Fairies to our area by building them a fun Fairy Tee-pee (inspired by this post: Balanced and Barefoot)

Gathering materials was the first order of business...twigs, ferns, rocks, dead tree bark, little parts of nature. 


The children built a fence leading up to the tee-pee, keeping out unwanted creatures.  Love the flag!

We found some tree fungi and I assisted with a welcome sign. 

We even used a papertowel roll that was about to be throw into our camp fire, to make a great patio table and chairs for the Camping Fairy.

Having a camping fire ring is important!

This tee-pee withstood wind and any creatures that might have come in contact with it, overnight!

I suggested they write little notes or pictures to leave as an offering for the Fairies, after all, we were in their territory. 

They were very proud of what they did and could not wait to see if the Camping Fairy or Fairies came over night to take their notes. 

Surprise in the morning, the notes were gone!  

Children agreed, once of the best times they had camping 
(so far)!

Until Next time: Be Blessed

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The Adventurer said…
What a great idea for the kids to do. My family loves to camp and just upgraded to a camper too... I like it so much better. Loved seeing your camping pictures and how much your kids have grown
I love that it was made of nature materials. Such a fun idea!
Lisa Nelson said…
This is fantastic! It's very Tinkerbell, which my little girl loves! I never would have thought of this. Thanks so much for sharing on the #homeschoollinkup!

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