Good Bye July - HELLO August!

Time for our Monthly Recap - I can't believe another month (and a long one at that) is already history.  

We were busy!  

The children all needed new backpacks. They last time they had backpacks is when the Cars movie came out...LOL...they love them and have already used them for an overnight at Grammies.  

Crafting with our Kiwi Crates has been keeping our Art studies in motion.

I started exposing the children to School House Rock and I can't be happier to relive my childhood.  The tunes are still catchy and the children love them!  (say the cartoons are "old" looking...LOL)

Always lots of LEGO Learning happening. Molly made this Dragon the other morning.  

Shopping with the children is not always the best time...however, we had 1 excursion to the mall to find a suit coat for my son's upcoming wedding (even typing that makes me, so we stopped into the Disney store and Kermit happened to hop up on Z's shoulder. LOL

Getting my supplies ready for the upcoming school year!   (watch for pics of our newly downsized reorganized school room/area)

Zachary decided to make a "fish" using his TinkerToys. (one of the best presents he ever received)

The mall has a few rides...the kids were spinning out of control on the"tea cup" saucer on the carousel. 

Zachary turned 10 (sigh....double digits) on July 30th and we had a small family gathering - theme was Phineas and Ferb.  (printable song from THIS Etsy Shop)  

Some randomness...picked a lot of fresh wild raspberries from our own yard and made a few yummy treats.  Shown are some "blondies" with chocolate chips and berries.

I went a way for a few days to a spa for some R & R (more about that next week)

Had a gal pal over for some much needed girl time.  Love small intimate gatherings. 

July is one and done...August is PACKED with fun, camping and more...

This Friday - BOOK Giveaway!  Watch for it!

Until next time - be blessed!

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Dawn said…
What a great month. A wedding in your future! How exciting is that.
Blessings, Dawn
Lindsay said…
oh man girlie time and alone time.. how awesome!! So glad Zachary had a good birthday!! He is looking mighty big these days!!

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