June was a BLURRRR - what we did in pictures

I can't believe it's July already.  June was a complete blurr right now.
We traveled a lot and had a chance to fellowship with so many friends that live far away.

We started June with our Father's Day Weekend camping trip.  

In my usual fashion, I had a theme to the weekend. FOOTBALL.. Since my hubby is a Vikings fan
and my "other" hubby (BFF Husband) is an Eagles fan - we decided to have a SUPERBOWL theme with both of those teams in it!  (you might call is "fantasy" football...lol)

The weather was great and we had a blast, as always!

The weekend right after that we saw our BFF's again at my "other hubby's" 35th Birthday - they live 2 hours north of us in Upstate NY.  It was a great weekend filled with parties, slip-n-slides and bonfires.

The flowers in the heart stones is in my friend's garden (not same friend as the other three pictures). Love this idea!

We left their house to travel another hour northeast to an old friend's house that I had not seen in 7 years!  When we left Central New York over 7 years ago, leaving my friends behind was the hardest thing I did.  My son Zachary and my friend's son were each other's first friends! 

 It was great to see how her family grew of the years and to rekindle our friendship. The kids had a ball!

We were blessed to have seen our other BFF's (they relocated to Orlando a year ago) not once but twice in the month of June!  (Getting my friends fill this month!)  We had fun times - bonfires, outdoor movie night, pigging out on food and celebrating the summer!

To end the month, we had our Summer Kick Off celebration at our library - to kick off the Reading Club!  In addition to a wonderful Science Program - Sammie received her very own library card!  Offical!  She is so excited! I am so proud!   

A personal goal of mine (if you remember back in January) was to finally start and finish a book!  It's been years since something has engaged me to where I wanted to finish the book - well thanks to Melanie Shankle and her books - I am hooked again on reading!

We started off July with an End of the School Year Luau party with our friends (more on that to come...)

I am writing with a sigh of relief that July is not as busy as June...we only have 1 camping trip scheduled and no other travel plans.  August and September is another story....my oldest gets married in September - a HUGE Milestone in our family life!  I can't wait to witness this union! 

In case you missed the June Graham Blanchard post - you can catch up on what the Mom Mentor's are talking about this month - Bringing the Bible Alive with our Children

Enjoy your Fourth of July and if you have not had a chance to check me out on FACEBOOK - come on and join in!

Until then - my friends - be blessed!

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Dawn said…
Awesome month. You all always have so much fun.
Blessings, Dawn
Anonymous said…
Whew what a month!! But so glad you got to see so many friends!!!!

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