Our week in nature....a GREAT find!

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The rain finally stopped, not that I am not thankful for the rain, but it dampens our outdoor time.  Once we ventured out to the yard after so much rain, we found lots of activity!  

You can't tell by these pictures but there are actually two groundhogs under our shed.  They were fighting earlier and I broke it up. Biting at each other's necks and "screaming".  I felt bad so I ran out and broke it all up. Then I waited a bit and one of the contenders came out for a bit.  We love watching them eat our clover in the yard. 

My roses are "reblooming"....wild raspberries are everywhere in our yard and neighborhood...Samantha is leaving a little bath and house for any bugs that need to get out of the sun and looking for some refuge....loving all the wildflowers around right now. 

We always have a wide variety of birds at the feeders and it's survival of the fittest to say the least. 

Sammie and I walked around just the front yard and within about 20 feet of each other we found four different kids of mushrooms.  The mushrooms at the bottom right of the collage are called Puffball mushrooms...check out the video to see what unique characteristic they have!

We leave for another camping adventure this weekend....not with our BFF's but just our family.  Trying a new "brand" of campground and can't wait to see what they bring to the table!

The next few weekends are very busy including a relaxing two day getaway just for ME! 8)

Until next time - be blessed!


Anonymous said…
What great nature finds you had!!

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