What's Happening at The Joys of Home Educating

First the nice, fun, looks like a ball pictures....

At our first minor league game of the season...by this time last year we had already been to three games...we are slipping....we got the tickets for FREE with our 2014/15 season ski passes so the seats were not as good as we usually get, but hey they were free...

Last weekend when my mom was here, she purchased Zachary's 10th birthday present (a new bike) and of course Molly lobbied for one also (she really did need one) so she got one (thanks Bubby) however, when we were in Toys r Us, I saw this bike - plain, simple, no gears - old fashion bike (with a nice big seat for my "you know what") . It was on a HUGE clearance (From $119 to $35.99 and I had $ 10 off coupon) SCORE. So I bought myself a bike.  

mine did not have the basket with it...but yes it's Hello Kitty 8)

This week I was determined to take a ride each morning with the children. My legs are hurting but my heart feels well!  We have been exploring this pond in our neighborhood each morning...what grows there...what animals are around.  Gives us a great start to the day!

On to the EPIC Fail of the century.  Each year we grow a "deck garden" (see this garden post from a few years ago) due to the animals in our area we have to have it up on the deck.  SO this year I decided we were going all organic...bought organic seeds from Renee's Garden (highly recommended to us), all organic soil with organic fertilizer too.  

What could go wrong, right?

 Did it all right...planted when we were suppose to - water when we were suppose to...what we have growing could not feed a mouse 8(   Three snap pees, a pebble size tomato and a sunflower...everything else never got bigger than 1/2 inch... 8(   

Feeling so defeated...what went wrong? 

no idea....waste of money...time...effort? 

 Well my littlest brought me back by saying - "well mom, we need to be thankful for what DID grow and not be mad at what didn't"....  WORD!  

It's been a heck of a schooling week - Zachary has been taking a few hours each morning and working on his state mandated tests (IOWA is what choose)...B O R  I N G he says!  lol   filling the bubble...what does that do for me mom?  lol...

I have been cranky for some reason...I think it's needed sleep really....and the heat - me and heat don't mix....but somewhere in my mind, I thinks it's because we have been in the house....I am one who needs to be out in the world, exploring with the children...I am used to so many field trips and adventures in the Summer months and we have been home for a few weeks now...getting the itch! 

 We are camping next weekend at a KOA, which is new to us...then Eric and I have a date weekend (kids going to Grammie's house) and Zachary's 10th birthday! 

 August is busy with lots of travel...

Well about sums up the last week...hope yours was blessed...Oh and we have a giveaway coming up on the blog starting on the 14th - wont want to miss it!


Lindsay said…
Looks like you guys have had some great adventures!! Boo on the garden but yay for the be thankful for what you have lesson from the kiddos :)

I have been grumpy lately too.. weird.. hopefully we can snap out of it soon!

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