2014/15 Curriculum Choices - Not Back to School

This is the month I so enjoy finding new blogs, Facebook pages, watching how others school. So many other bloggers and homeschoolers are linking up to share a little of their personal choices for their homeschool for the upcoming year!

This year, we "look" a little different then we have in the past.

We have been gravitating more towards "unschooling" than what I would call "traditional homeschooling".  I have lost the battle with trying to mimic a little "school" in our home and that is fine with me. (although I have some great fun photos for next week for the Not Back to School - School Room post!)

Our children's learning style is more hands on, "out in the world" type learning and honestly so is mine!  We are learning all together in some areas and in most all others they will be working separately.

I have a tough time "labeling" the grades of our children, which is one of the reasons I LOVE homeschooling.

Our Summer School:  We school year round, taking time off when needed.  Zachary successfully completed his IOWA test this summer (per the NYS requirements for 4th grade testing). I will admit it was as much of a test of my teaching as it was to his learning. I was EXTREMELY happy with the results (even though I dislike testing as a tool).

Each child has different learning styles and needs from me, as a mom and teacher.  Having spit all that out at you.....

What has worked well for us in the past and we will continue with:

Art:  Kiwi Crate and crafts/art I find on Pinterest to go with seasons, holidays and events. (follow me on Pinterest HEREWhat I LOVE the most about Kiwi Crate is that it's not just a craft in a box, they include so much more.  A mini magazine wiht other activities and adventures. There are always "extra" craft items that the girls use for other creative crafting.  I can't say enough about this fun teaching tool.  You can try it out for FREE if you click HERE.  Would love to know what you think if you try it!

Kiwi Crate

Geography:  We will be starting a new unit for the entire year - 50 States - using a variety of different FUN teaching tools:

Phys Ed:  The children all play Fall soccer, enrolled in the Homeschooling Gym class at our local gym and also will be taking a Total Trampoline Class and a few others at the gym.   In the winter months, they all snow ski as well.   We will continue our morning bike rides when weather permits!

We will also be using OSMO in our school this year. Have you heard of it? No, then check it out!  Right now you can pre-order for 1/2 price!  click on THIS LINK:   

This is a pic from Molly when we started soccer years ago. Daddy is always a coach of one of the teams. It's not only a great way to get out and learn team sports, but it gets me out and about and talking with the moms and dads.

The rest:  From Fractions to Phonics to Pharaohs and everything in between.....we use different workbooks, living books and the world!  We travel often and will continue to use the internet for research.    Reading is a must each day for each child.  Other than that, wherever the day takes us, we will welcome it! 

Don't forget to enter the Book Giveaway - we would love to bless one home with these new  books from Scholastic.  To enter (easy) you can check out this post HERE

Until next time: Be Blessed!


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Love that you are hitting your stride and finding what works for all of your kiddos and you!! I need to organize my post still.. it always seems like such a big task!!

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