Collage Friday - Summer Fun

So happy that Mary is back with Homegrown Learners - Collage Friday!  

We have had a busy summer and it's not over yet!  We don't start back with our new grade levels until October 1st. We still have a week at the Jersey shore coming up and my older son get's married in a month!  More fun!

The children and I have been trying to start the school day with a mile and a half bike ride around our neighborhood. 

Exploring a pond near by.  It's been a great way to start the day! 

A lot of nature studies happening over the summer. Being a cooler summer here in New York, we have been able to stay outside without the heat of the day sending us back in to the air conditioner! 

Our deck garden update:  1 tomato, 4 peas and a sunflower...not enough to live on, but thankful never-the-less.  

Think I am going to leave the gardening to the experts next year - a lot of work and money for not a lot of return. 

Some fun with mushrooms!  Check out THIS post for a fun video on what one of these beauties does!

Having friends with gardens has been a blessing to our pantry.  Baking, freezing and eating all the yummy veggies. Preparing like a chipmunk for the winter months. 

My husband and I just returned from a three day trip to the Catskill Mountains. We went two years ago and it did not disappoint again.  Relaxing, boating, reconnecting.  Our 11th year wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I am excited to see what more is in store for us over the next 11 years!

Some of our real fun nature finds this summer.....

The tiniest frog - just thought he was soo cute! 

Large Fisher Spider - beautiful! 

Some on our roses and happy about it!

Coolest spider web I have ever seen. I could not fit the entire thing in the picture as it was HUGE.  Just looking at the dedication it took for this spider to finish this, makes my jaw drop!

How has your summer been? Back to school yet? 

Think about adding some arts and crafts to your curriculum this year?  

You can check out Kiwi Crate for FREE right now. We love them! 

Enjoy the weekend and be blessed!

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Mary Prather said…
Melissa -- I think the bike ride is a wonderful way to start the day... your kids are just so lucky. You know that, right? Happy Anniversary!
Hwee said…
What an awesome summer you're all having! I love all the photos of nature and its creatures. It looks like you're certainly out and about loads. Congratulations to your son's wedding. It must be a very exciting time for all of you!
Wow! I love your nature pics! So beautiful!
Dawn said…
Your nature pictures are AWESOME! Enjoy you fall off.
Blessings, Dawn
Lisa Boyle said…
Your pictures are just stunning! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it. :-)
Karen said…
Your pictures are beautiful. I always love seeing what you are all doing, here and on IG. We try to ride bikes most mornings too. It will be nicer when it's a bit cooler. Happy weekend my friend!
Jessy Gaffen said…
Happy anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful way to reconnect with one another! And a bike ride - awesome! We used to start our days with a walk. Something about an early morning outside activity just makes the rest of the day smoother!
Jessy Gaffen said…
Happy anniversary! What a wonderful way to reconnect with each other! Bike riding before school sounds like a great way to start the day. Perhaps I should encourage our walks in the woods again...
Anonymous said…
woohoo on the bike ride! That sounds like so much fun!! That spider web is stunning!
Melissa N. said…
Aw, thanks Mary, I think I am the lucky one!

Thanks everyone on the photo compliments. I love photography!

We had a great anniversary!
RachelT said…
I especially love your photo of the spider web! You've captured some beautiful photos of nature this summer!

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