Collage Friday

It's been a fun filled week around here and summer, for us, is far from over... 

Field trip to the New Jersey Botanical gardens was a great time on Monday. The weather was perfect. The flowers were in bloom and the bees were busy pollinating everything!  (best of all - it was FREE!) 

The children could run and explore until they were too exhausted to take another step. We went with another homeschooling family which made it even more fun! 

I can't wait to go back in the spring and see these Crab Apple Trees all in bloom!

This beautiful specimen of a Black Rat Snake is living in our grass clippings compost pile. If you remember we found several of it's shed-ed skin earlier this summer. IT was finally nice to see who the wardrobe belonged to!  To find out more about these slithery creatures you can go HERE.

We were finally able to get to the Lake Beach this week. If you remember from last year's Summer Collage Friday's we went almost weekly!  This summer was just busy with other fun filled adventures.  

We are gearing up for our mid week trip to the New Jersey Shore (week after Labor Day) and the kids are so excited in anticipation for the big waves and sunny shores. 

This weekend:  I can't believe it's Labor Day this weekend...I planned no big parties 8(    Except for a small intimate Bridal Luncheon on Saturday for my future Daughter In Law!  Just a handful of family from our side to celebrate her before she becomes part of the family forever! 

I am sure we will have a bonfire and roast a few dozen marshmallows...maybe an outdoor movie if the weather is nice enough.   

As for school, we have been maintaining our spelling, reading and math...Science has been all outside. We start back with our full time regularly scheduled programming (lol) on October 6th.  

If you missed my post this week about my friend, Danielle and her need for prayers, please click over and read it. 

I hope you have a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend. 

Until next week - Be Blessed! 

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Mary Prather said…
Melissa, I'm praying for Danielle.....

I love your new header - such happiness in this post. I'm glad you're having a great summer and I know the bridal luncheon this weekend will be lovely!
Jenni Ryan said…
Sounds like an amazing week! Those are some beautiful pictures and amazing places! You are much braver than I. I would be eeking my way away from the snake. :) Have a great weekend and a beautiful luncheon!
Jessy Gaffen said…
How fun! (Well, not so sure about the snake...LOL) I've been meaning to get the kids to the botanical center a couple hours drive away but it's NOT free. Score for you! Great photos!
Christy said…
Such fun summer times. The botanical gardens look lovely and a great way for th kids to burn energy. Enjoy your trip!
Dawn said…
What a lovely week. I love all the outdoor time.
Blessings, Dawn

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