Hiking the Glen - Family Field Trip

We recently took a trip to the Fingers Lakes Region of New York. About 3 hours from us.  It's our new tradition to camp up there during the August NASCAR race. Hiking at the Watkins Glen State Park is a MUST when you go there.  We hiked about 4 miles around the park, staying on the trails. 

The landscape is breathtaking.  The children loved every step of the hike and stopping at little rest stops along the paths, made it easy. 

If you remember on our last hike, I was photographing all the mushrooms I found. This hike I was all about the wild flowers. 

Map reading, checking out the fresh mountain water and learning every step of the way!

So many waterfalls in this park, I lost track.  

At the end of the trail (just about 2 miles in) there is a playground and bathrooms. (no bathrooms along the way)  Nice area to stop and snack, take a break before the hike back! 

We found this beautiful web along the trail and the children and I were in awe of the detail work that the owner achieved!

My advice if you want to hike this glen....comfortable shoes (they will get wet), water to drink, some sort of snack (there are garbage pails along the path), and a camera. 

Until next time - be blessed!

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Dulci said…
Gorgeous! I so want to go there! ...and great family pic!

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