My two day getaway - relaxing, NOT!

As a stay at home, homeschooling mother, I find myself never taking or allowing time out for myself.  My responsibility is take care of my families needs and our home, I do that and do that well. However, I need to also balance that act out with SOME time for me. 

I have tried to get together with gal pals for even a girls night out, but those have not pained out since April! 

Even if I try to lock myself in the bathroom with a magazine or book it never lasts longer than 10 minutes. Since my father passed away a few months ago, I have been a little disorganized, lost if you will.  I found myself, lately, needing some ALONE time - time where I hear no children, answer no questions, fix no meals...are you picking up what I am laying down?  

I needed a quick getaway...some place I did not have to take a day to drive to or fly to. 

We have a 5 star resort and spa only 30 minutes from our home right over the boarder of NY and NJ.  I thought that would be a perfect place to unwind for 24 hours, relax by the pool, get a massage, eat while my food was hot....

I booked it!

I went...I came home early...(insert sigh here) 

I paid for the upgrade of a deluxe room with a king bed, balcony, fireplace and two TV's. (the thought of actually watching an entire 30 minute show without interruption was so appealing!)  

The room was spacious, clean and from the first glance up to the standards of the price I paid.  However, things started to go slightly south....not too far...but slightly....

The TV over the fireplace did not work....called down two times to have someone come and find out one ever came 8( 

The balcony was apparently closed (see sign below)...with no signs of any repairs or crumbling building 8(  

The OTHER issue I had was apparently this resort was a popular place for families to come in the summer months.  Who would have thought a SPA, families?  children running everywhere..loud... sigh...not relaxing at all...

Don't even get me started on room service...ordered a muffin and tea for breakfast...never came 8(    

This cheese and fruit platter was apart of the package - it was plentiful and delicious!  

The view from the nailed shut balcony door - overlooking the gardens...pretty, just wish I could have sat outside and enjoyed it specially since my main TV was not working.... 8(

THE SPA treatment - a 50 min massage was part of my package...this was very nice and I would return just for a spa treatment again!

I had to take a picture of this panel by the toilet.  I was afraid to try it for fear of getting the ceiling and walls all wet...but watcha think?

My package included a late check out at 2 pm on Sunday - I was home by 1 pm... 

Thinking back, I feel that I could have just used a DAY away with a nice lunch and a spa treatment. I would have come home much more content and felt that enormous amount of money that I paid was worth it. 

PS - I do leave PROS and CONS on Trip Adviser website...and you bet that is exactly what I did with this trip and also informed the front desk of the problems...

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Lindsay said…
ohh no!! So sorry you didn't have a great time. I totally dream of a day away like that.. Sorry yours wasn't as relaxing as I'm sure we all envision ours being!

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