The Farm Sanctuary - Not for the faint of heart

Our family field trip to The Farm Santucary

From their site:  

New York Shelter

Nestled in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, the rolling green pastures of Farm Sanctuary’s 175-acre New York shelter are home to more than 500 rescued farm animals. Spend the day with us and take an hour-long guided tour, browse our unique gift shop, learn more about farm animals in our Education Center, or enjoy a snack on our scenic deck. 

(They have three locations in the United States.) 

I was looking for something for an educational afternoon while we were in Watkins Glen, NY camping for the NASCAR Race.  I found this place on line and it looked interesting.  What we found it to be, we were instore for something completely out of our comfort zone. 

The place is BEAUTIFUL...rolling hills...big red barns...beautiful animals roaming around.  When we arrived at 2 pm that day (beauty of a day I might add), we were told that we had to take the "tour" and it starts at 2:30 (cost for the tour was less than $ 25 for the 5 of us).

 So were invited to walk around the "barn" (store and educational center) while we waited.  Once we (and 15 others) were ready at 2:30 we were told by a delightful gal what The Farm Sanctuary does.  Rescuing farm animals.  Sounds great, right?  She showed us a short movie (not for the faint at heart and then the tour began).  I think it would have been just fine if all we did was take the entire tour and she talked about each type of animal and maybe where they came from...Believe me when I tell you that is NOT was happened. 

If you are not a vegan, I don't advise going on the tour.  Do they educate you? yes   Do they try to convert you? YES. 

 Our tour guide proceeded (with many children in our group) to inform us the horrible condition of their "guests" when they found them.  What the previous owners did to these animals and how eating meat, drinking & eating dairy products etc will kill you... At one point my son turned to me and said "oh I can't drink milk anymore mom, I will get cancer".  GEEZ...  

I am ALL for educating the public on what your farm does and how great the animals are taken care of at your facility but to try to put the fear of GOD into your paying guests is not right.  Definitely a different agenda on their plate (no pun intended) then just showing us how beautiful their facility is. 

I was thankful that our two girls seemed to be off visiting with the animals rather than listening to what the tour guide said (thank you Jesus!) . 

Eric and I really did not learn anything we did not already know (except that pigs can sleep up to 18 hours per day).  The kids loved visiting with the animals.  

At the end of the tour everyone was invited to sample the vegan ice cream (dairy free) made with coconut milk. Kids all tried it, finished their sample bar and said they don't think we should buy it (tasted like suntan lotion)

If you ever have the opportunity to visit one of The Farm Sanctuary locations just be aware of what they are all about. 


Dulci said…
Laughing my socks off!!! (On my family beef farm where no vegans currently reside. Haha)

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