Collage Friday - Fall Time

I can't believe this weekend is finally here!  My oldest son is getting married!  We are leaving today for the destination!  It's a beautiful place in Connecticut!  I will share some details next week....keeping their special day private, as requested - but I will share some pics of the kids and a few details!  (hint - follow me on Instagram for a FEW details as they happen!)

We had school this week - still on our Summer schedule...learning all fall...cranberries...and fractions!

I started decorating the house for fall and put away our summer swim suits and towels. Preparing the home for fall is important here in New York - we depend on our wood supply to help heat the house. 

The leaves are changing...pumpkins are available and apples are being picked!  

The picture to the upper right is a picture of my friend Danielle. We had her family over for dinner on Sunday.  It's nice to sit and chat about our lives (other than cancer).  You can donate to her Go Fund Me account to help her family out. 

The girls had their First 2014/15 season Girl Scout Meeting this week.  Soccer practice also started and gym classes - so schedules are getting crazy. We are missing the first game but the wedding trumps that.  I am so glad that there are social clubs for the girls to be a part of. 

In case you missed the Bridal Luncheon post - you can see it over at Eye Candy Creative Studio. 

I pray your weekend is blessed! 

 I have to run and finish up the final packing and get on the road!

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Anonymous said…
Yay for fall!! Yay for the wedding!! I can't wait to see the pictures!
Ticia said…
Fall is nice, thanks for sharing your week!
Dawn said…
A wedding up North in the Fall! How lovely. I am looking forward to Fall arriving around here.
Blessings, Dawn
Anonymous said…
As a Brit when I imagine 'Fall' it is in exactly your part of the US. Hope the wedding went well! Jo

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