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It's been very unseasonably warm this week here in New York.  We don't ever see temps this high in mid October - WE WANT FALL BACK!  I actually had to turn on the air conditioner on Wednesday night because of the heat and humidity in the house, just to sleep!    

Was able to get a little sketching in here and activity that calms me but don't spend nearly enough time as I would like to.

 Wednesday we made a pit stop at Carvel, they have BOGO on their soft serve sundaes. It's a treat that we partake in about every two months or so, but it's oh so good and the price is right!  

The book in the upper corner was from a lecture that I went to at our local library.  The speaker was a "ghost hunter" and it was fascinating listen to what she had to say.  Not being a believer in ghosts myself, she has a passion for it and it's always fun to hear about what other people believe in! 

We have had a lot of friends and family of friends sick lately and our morning (pre school) prayer time has been great for the soul.  Starting off our morning with prayer and then a "family meeting" as to what is happening during the day and week ensures we are all on the same page! 

Making a fun stop at our "farm" pet store was fun this week. Baby bunnies!  Oh how Sam wanted to take one home!

I had planned out all these new recipes in the crock pot for the week, since we are so busy with practices and scouts, but a few of them had to wait because it was just too darn hot to eat soup 3 times this week!  The creamy mushroom veggie soup was a huge hit with me and my husband - it's a keeper!  (recipe at the end of the post)

Got out to the park with other homeschoolers this week, on Tuesday and it was a much needed run around time!

No rest for us on Monday - we studied Christopher Columbus for school.  The girls also had an assignment using their pastels. They love using them! 

Thursday - Zachary had his 10 yr physical and we all had flu shots...WELL...while at the park playing on Tuesday, they were all playing tag and Molly fell right onto Zachary's hand...little blood here and there..but Z hurt his hand...swollen and bruised...I put ice on and he seemed ok, moving fingers with little pain...WELL....on Thursday while at dr, I had him look at it...he sent us to the hospital right away...YUP - worst MOM EVER - it was to an ortho surgeon whom we were very familiar with from his arm brake 5 yrs ago (which needed 2 surgeries and rods) ...two hours in the room - it got a cast..and no surgery - Thank you Jesus! we on hold and any writing for school - guess it's a lot of reading and IPAD work for him for 3 weeks....sigh....plum tuckered out this week....

Ok so that brings us to Friday - I need to stop and say a simple Thank You Jesus for getting us through this week.  We are hoping for nice cooler weather this weekend and putting the finishing touches on our Family Halloween Party (next Saturday). So far we are expecting 88 victims guests to haunt our party.  This year is a fundraiser for our friend Danielle. If you feel in your heart to donate, you can do so by clicking on the icon at the top right side of the sidebar.   They can use any donation, no matter the size. 

I used THIS recipe I found on Pinterest and modified it. 
Not using any sour cream and adding an entire bag or organic frozen mixed veggies.  Otherwise as was awesome! 

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to count your blessings each day! 

Join me, won't you, with other homeschoolers over at Collage Friday link up party!

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Dawn Rebekah said…
I sorry that parts of you week turned out tough. I think some breaks are hard to identify, so don't beat yourself up about that.
Blessings, Dawn
Anonymous said…
Oh I hope it heals up in the 3 weeks!! Looks like a great week (minus the broken bone)!!
Stef Layton said…
I have heard from so many moms they didn't realize it was broken the 1st day and it's the 2nd they go to the hospital. You're not worst mom - you're one of the funnest! {hugs}
Anonymous said…
Wow! That was a crazy thing with the arm. Not worse mom ever, just thinking it wasn't injured too badly. I've done that with the kids before! I'm shocked at the weather too. That's more like Georgia weather for this time of the year, and I've been pulling everyone's fall clothes out this week because it hasn't gotten over 70 in a week!! We're getting cold! LOL
Tina said…
Thought I commented on this but it must not have gone through. Just wanted to say the ninja homeschooler shirt is the Sammie-est shirt I have ever seen! I love it so much!

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